All tables are now using DVBv5 format. That allows suporting all standards
available on a standard way.


A Makefile target is provided to convert to the legacy channel format.
For it to work, you need to have v4l-utils installed (specifically,
the v4l-utils package that contains the dvbv5 utils).

Be sure that you have at least version 1.4.0 installed, or, if you're
compiling v4l-utils from its source. Versions below may work too, but
some DVB files won't be properly parsed with earlier versions.

This is the minimal changeset of v4l-utils required for it to work:
	commit 64751eb98a15b9c0077d8c2e4409b9b69ac80448
	Date:   Fri Sep 5 15:50:43 2014 -0300
	Subject: libdvbv5: make sure that all needed properties are filled

You can download and install v4l-utils from:

Once having it installed, generating all the tables usind DVBv3 channel
format is as easy as running:

	$ make clean
	$ make dvbv3

The files can also be individually converted from DVBv5 to DVBv3 with:

	$ dvb-format-convert -I dvbv5 -O channel dvb-c/ch-Rega-Sense legacy-format-ch-Rega-Sense

And converting back into DVBv5 format with:

	$ dvb-format-convert -I channel -O dvbv5 legacy-format-ch-Rega-Sense dvb-c/ch-Rega-Sense

Plese notice that comments are not preserved when doing the conversions.

PS.: If you're willing to submit new entries and/or corrections, please
be sure to send them at the DVBv5 format and sending them via e-mail
to linux-media@vger.kernel.org.


In order to install the files, use:
	$ make install

By default, it will install the files at /usr/local/share/dvbv5.

In order to install the legacy v3 formatted files, use:
	$ make install_v3

Don't forget to run "make dvbv3" before running the above command,
in order to convert the files to the legacy format.

By default, it will install the files at /usr/local/share/dvbv3.

There are a few extra parameters that could be used to define where
the files will be stored:

	PREFIX=<dir>		(default: /usr/local)
	DATADIR=<dir>		(default: $(PREFIX/share)
	DVBV5DIR=<subdir>	(default: dvbv3)
	DVBV3DIR=<subdir>	(default: dvbv5)

So, if it is desired to install both v3 and v5 files at a tmp file,
under the current dir, the install command would be:

	$ make install install_v3 PREFIX=`pwd`/tmp
	Installing dvbv5-formatted files at /home/myuser/dtv-scan-tables/tmp/share/dvbv5...done.
	Installing dvbv3-formatted files at /home/myuser/dtv-scan-tables/tmp/share/dvbv3...done.

Please also note that install takes some time, as there are lots
of files to be copied.

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