BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
for-v6.5hmedia: imx-jpeg: Support to assign slot for encoder/decoderMing Qian3 days
for-v6.5cmedia: mediatek: vcodec: support stateless AV1 decoderXiaoyong Lu8 days
for-v6.5gmedia: video-mux: update driver to active statePhilipp Zabel9 days
sailusmedia: sti: c8sectpfe: drop of_match_ptr() to avoid unused variablesAlain Volmat9 days
for-v6.5fstaging: media: atomisp: init high & low varsHans Verkuil10 days
for-v6.5estaging: media: atomisp: move up sanity checksHans Verkuil10 days
for-6.4mmedia: mediatek: vcodec: Only apply 4K frame sizes on decoder formatsPin-yen Lin10 days
for-v6.4rmedia: mediatek: vcodec: Only apply 4K frame sizes on decoder formatsPin-yen Lin10 days
for-v6.5dmedia: mediatek: vcodec: support stateless hevc decoderYunfei Dong10 days
for-v6.5bmedia: bttv: convert to vb2Deborah Brouwer3 weeks
br-v6.5hcommit 742d5c5f85...Hans Verkuil3 days
br-v6.5ccommit d50739a417...Hans Verkuil4 days
v6.4-rc4commit 7877cb91f1...Linus Torvalds6 days
br-v6.5gcommit 2f9583bf1a...Hans Verkuil9 days
br-v6.5fcommit a65431e72c...Hans Verkuil10 days
br-v6.4rcommit cbb336b761...Hans Verkuil10 days
br-6.4mcommit cbb336b761...Hans Verkuil10 days
br-v6.5dcommit 51be10ecea...Hans Verkuil10 days
v6.4-rc3commit 44c026a73b...Linus Torvalds12 days
v6.4-rc2commit f1fcbaa18b...Linus Torvalds3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2021-06-03MAINTAINERS: add xisc files to isc driver entrybr-v5.14hEugen Hristev1-0/+2
2021-06-03MAINTAINERS: update ISC driver bindings fileEugen Hristev1-1/+1
2021-06-03media: atmel: atmel-isc: add microchip-xisc driverEugen Hristev6-1/+671
2021-06-03dt-bindings: media: add microchip,xisc device bindingsEugen Hristev1-0/+129
2021-06-03dt-bindings: media: atmel-isc: convert to yamlEugen Hristev2-65/+114
2021-06-03media: atmel: atmel-isc-sama5d2: remove duplicate defineEugen Hristev1-2/+0
2021-06-03media: atmel: atmel-isc-base: add support for more formats and additional pip...Eugen Hristev1-10/+38
2021-06-03media: atmel: atmel-isc-regs: add additional fields for sama7g5 type pipelineEugen Hristev1-2/+14
2021-06-03media: atmel: atmel-isc: create an adapt pipeline callback for product specificEugen Hristev3-0/+20
2021-06-03media: atmel: atmel-isc: move the formats list into product specific codeEugen Hristev3-150/+165

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