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MMerge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net
Pull networking fixes from David Miller: 1) Stretch ACKs can kill performance with Reno and CUBIC congestion control, largely due to LRO and GRO. Fix from Neal Cardwell. 2) Fix userland breakage because we accidently emit zero length netlink messages from the bridging code. From Roopa Prabhu. 3) Carry handling in generic csum_tcpudp_nofold is broken, fix from Karl Beldan. 4) Remove bogus dev_set_net() calls from CAIF driver, from Nicolas Dichtel. 5) Make sure PPP deflation never returns a length greater then the output buffer, otherwise we overflow and trigger skb_over_panic(). Fix from Florian Westphal. 6) COSA driver needs VIRT_TO_BUS Kconfig dependencies, from Arnd Bergmann. 7) Don't increase route cached MTU on datagram too big ICMPs. From Li Wei. 8) Fix error path leaks in nf_tables, from Pablo Neira Ayuso. 9) Fix bitmask handling regression in netlink that broke things like acpi userland tools. From Pablo Neira Ayuso. 10) Wrong header pointer passed to param_type2af() in SCTP code, from Saran Maruti Ramanara. 11) Stacked vlans not handled correctly by vlan_get_protocol(), from Toshiaki Makita. 12) Add missing DMA memory barrier to xgene driver, from Iyappan Subramanian. 13) Fix crash in rate estimators, from Eric Dumazet. 14) We've been adding various workarounds, one after another, for the change which added the per-net tcp_sock. It was meant to reduce socket contention but added lots of problems. Reduce this instead to a proper per-cpu socket and that rids us of all the daemons. From Eric Dumazet. 15) Fix memory corruption and OOPS in mlx4 driver, from Jack Morgenstein. 16) When we disabled UFO in the virtio_net device, it introduces some serious performance regressions. The orignal problem was IPV6 fragment ID generation, so fix that properly instead. From Vlad Yasevich. 17) sr9700 driver build breaks on xtensa because it defines macros with the same name as those used by the arch code. Use more unique names. From Chen Gang. 18) Fix endianness in new virio 1.0 mode of the vhost net driver, from Michael S Tsirkin. 19) Several sysctls were setting the maxlen attribute incorrectly, from Sasha Levin. 20) Don't accept an FQ scheduler quantum of zero, that leads to crashes. From Kenneth Klette Jonassen. 21) Fix dumping of non-existing actions in the packet scheduler classifier. From Ignacy Gawędzki. 22) Return the write work_done value when doing TX work in the qlcnic driver. 23) ip6gre_err accesses the info field with the wrong endianness, from Sabrina Dubroca. * git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net: (54 commits) sit: fix some __be16/u16 mismatches ipv6: fix sparse errors in ip6_make_flowlabel() net: remove some sparse warnings flow_keys: n_proto type should be __be16 ip6_gre: fix endianness errors in ip6gre_err qlcnic: Fix NAPI poll routine for Tx completion amd-xgbe: Set RSS enablement based on hardware features amd-xgbe: Adjust for zero-based traffic class count cls_api.c: Fix dumping of non-existing actions' stats. pkt_sched: fq: avoid hang when quantum 0 net: rds: use correct size for max unacked packets and bytes vhost/net: fix up num_buffers endian-ness gianfar: correct the bad expression while writing bit-pattern net: usb: sr9700: Use 'SR_' prefix for the common register macros Revert "drivers/net: Disable UFO through virtio" Revert "drivers/net, ipv6: Select IPv6 fragment idents for virtio UFO packets" ipv6: Select fragment id during UFO segmentation if not set. xen-netback: stop the guest rx thread after a fatal error net/mlx4_core: Fix kernel Oops (mem corruption) when working with more than 80 VFs isdn: off by one in connect_res() ...
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