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selftests/bpf: Test syscall command parsing
Add building of the bpf(2) syscall commands documentation as part of the docs building step in the build. This allows us to pick up on potential parse errors from the docs generator script as part of selftests. The generated manual pages here are not intended for distribution, they are just a fragment that can be integrated into the other static text of bpf(2) to form the full manual page. Signed-off-by: Joe Stringer <joe@cilium.io> Signed-off-by: Alexei Starovoitov <ast@kernel.org> Reviewed-by: Quentin Monnet <quentin@isovalent.com> Acked-by: Toke Høiland-Jørgensen <toke@redhat.com> Acked-by: Yonghong Song <yhs@fb.com> Link: https://lore.kernel.org/bpf/20210302171947.2268128-14-joe@cilium.io
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