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authorJean Delvare <jdelvare@suse.de>2019-07-31 10:07:06 +0200
committerMiquel Raynal <miquel.raynal@bootlin.com>2019-08-03 02:11:52 +0200
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mtd: hyperbus: Add hardware dependency to AM654 driver
The hbmc-am654 driver is for the TI AM654, which is an ARM64 SoC, so don't propose this driver on other architectures unless build-testing. Fixes: b07079f1642c ("mtd: hyperbus: Add driver for TI's HyperBus memory controller") Signed-off-by: Jean Delvare <jdelvare@suse.de> Cc: Vignesh Raghavendra <vigneshr@ti.com> Cc: Miquel Raynal <miquel.raynal@bootlin.com> Signed-off-by: Miquel Raynal <miquel.raynal@bootlin.com>
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