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Documentation: Move OpenRISC docs out of arch/
The OpenRISC docs have traditionally been in arch/ but that does not seem like the correct place to be. Move them so they will be more visible to others. Also update MAINTAINERS to make sure we get notifications of changes. Signed-off-by: Stafford Horne <shorne@gmail.com>
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-The OpenRISC Linux port is fully functional and has been tracking upstream
-since 2.6.35. There are, however, remaining items to be completed within
-the coming months. Here's a list of known-to-be-less-than-stellar items
-that are due for investigation shortly, i.e. our TODO list:
--- Implement the rest of the DMA API... dma_map_sg, etc.
--- Finish the renaming cleanup... there are references to or32 in the code
- which was an older name for the architecture. The name we've settled on is
- or1k and this change is slowly trickling through the stack. For the time
- being, or32 is equivalent to or1k.

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