path: root/arch/parisc/kernel/irq.c
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authorRusty Russell <rusty@rustcorp.com.au>2009-03-16 14:19:37 +1030
committerRusty Russell <rusty@rustcorp.com.au>2009-03-16 14:19:37 +1030
commitbd071e1a371d31db243edc4714ff9e8d1ea1309e (patch)
treeb28dc8bfe65edd1ef03f966ad86b54db1407b178 /arch/parisc/kernel/irq.c
parent91887a362984324e254473e92820758c8e658f78 (diff)
cpumask: prepare for iterators to only go to nr_cpu_ids/nr_cpumask_bits.: parisc
Impact: cleanup, futureproof In fact, all cpumask ops will only be valid (in general) for bit numbers < nr_cpu_ids. So use that instead of NR_CPUS in various places. This is always safe: no cpu number can be >= nr_cpu_ids, and nr_cpu_ids is initialized to NR_CPUS at boot. Signed-off-by: Rusty Russell <rusty@rustcorp.com.au> Signed-off-by: Mike Travis <travis@sgi.com> Acked-by: Ingo Molnar <mingo@elte.hu>
Diffstat (limited to 'arch/parisc/kernel/irq.c')
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/arch/parisc/kernel/irq.c b/arch/parisc/kernel/irq.c
index 29e70e16ede8..103752a8fb94 100644
--- a/arch/parisc/kernel/irq.c
+++ b/arch/parisc/kernel/irq.c
@@ -311,12 +311,12 @@ unsigned long txn_alloc_addr(unsigned int virt_irq)
next_cpu++; /* assign to "next" CPU we want this bugger on */
/* validate entry */
- while ((next_cpu < NR_CPUS) &&
+ while ((next_cpu < nr_cpu_ids) &&
(!per_cpu(cpu_data, next_cpu).txn_addr ||
- if (next_cpu >= NR_CPUS)
+ if (next_cpu >= nr_cpu_ids)
next_cpu = 0; /* nothing else, assign monarch */
return txn_affinity_addr(virt_irq, next_cpu);

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