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Merge branch 'next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/rzhang/linux
Pull thermal management updates from Zhang Rui: "Specifics: - enhance Thermal Framework with several new capabilities: * use power estimates * compute weights with relative integers instead of percentages * allow governors to have private data in thermal zones * export thermal zone parameters through sysfs Thanks to the ARM thermal team (Javi, Punit, KP). - introduce a new thermal governor: power allocator. First in kernel closed loop PI(D) controller for thermal control. Thanks to ARM thermal team. - enhance OF thermal to allow thermal zones to have sustainable power HW specification. Thanks to Punit. - introduce thermal driver for Intel Quark SoC x1000platform. Thanks to Ong, Boon Leong. - introduce QPNP PMIC temperature alarm driver. Thanks to Ivan T. I. - introduce thermal driver for Hisilicon hi6220. Thanks to kongxinwei. - enhance Exynos thermal driver to handle Exynos5433 TMU. Thanks to Chanwoo C. - TI thermal driver now has a better implementation for EOCZ bit. From Pavel M. - add id for Skylake processors in int340x processor thermal driver. - a couple of small fixes and cleanups." * 'next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/rzhang/linux: (36 commits) thermal: hisilicon: add new hisilicon thermal sensor driver dt-bindings: Document the hi6220 thermal sensor bindings thermal: of-thermal: add support for reading coefficients property thermal: support slope and offset coefficients thermal: power_allocator: round the division when divvying up power thermal: exynos: Add the support for Exynos5433 TMU thermal: cpu_cooling: Fix power calculation when CPUs are offline thermal: cpu_cooling: Remove cpu_dev update on policy CPU update thermal: export thermal_zone_parameters to sysfs thermal: cpu_cooling: Check memory allocation of power_table ti-soc-thermal: request temperature periodically if hw can't do that itself ti-soc-thermal: implement eocz bit to make driver useful on omap3 cleanup ti-soc-thermal thermal: remove stale THERMAL_POWER_ACTOR select thermal: Default OF created trip points to writable thermal: core: Add Kconfig option to enable writable trips thermal: x86_pkg_temp: drop const for thermal_zone_parameters of: thermal: Introduce sustainable power for a thermal zone thermal: add trace events to the power allocator governor thermal: introduce the Power Allocator governor ...
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