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authorVivek Gautam <vivek.gautam@codeaurora.org>2017-10-12 11:49:35 +0530
committerKishon Vijay Abraham I <kishon@ti.com>2017-10-23 11:19:27 +0530
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scsi/ufs: qcom: Set phy mode based on the controllers HS MODE
Set the phy mode based on the UFS HS PA mode. This lets the controller let phy know the mode in which the PHY Adapter is running and set the phy rates accordingly. Signed-off-by: Vivek Gautam <vivek.gautam@codeaurora.org> Reviewed-by: Subhash Jadavani <subhashj@codeaurora.org> Signed-off-by: Kishon Vijay Abraham I <kishon@ti.com>
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