path: root/drivers/target/tcm_fc
diff options
authorAndy Grover <agrover@redhat.com>2015-12-21 18:48:05 -0800
committerNicholas Bellinger <nab@linux-iscsi.org>2016-01-07 13:57:50 -0800
commit091b70623e2b9caee1c27190c3a5614b3563a672 (patch)
treef3e5aee0723b36ae0c78e46e84605257c6a8e917 /drivers/target/tcm_fc
parent3bb67df5b5f880a1c9c1086308cf2b981d824da5 (diff)
target/fcoe: Add tag support to tcm_fc
Add the 'tag' attribute to FC node ACLs. This is not used by kernel code, but gives userspace a place to store a tag string. This is used to provide support for initiator groups in targetcli. Just copy iscsi's implementation for tcm_fc. A few other fabrics that support acls also need this, to be submitted separately after the holidays. Signed-off-by: Andy Grover <agrover@redhat.com> Signed-off-by: Nicholas Bellinger <nab@linux-iscsi.org>
Diffstat (limited to 'drivers/target/tcm_fc')
1 files changed, 22 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/drivers/target/tcm_fc/tfc_conf.c b/drivers/target/tcm_fc/tfc_conf.c
index 85aeaa0ad303..9cdb2acfd626 100644
--- a/drivers/target/tcm_fc/tfc_conf.c
+++ b/drivers/target/tcm_fc/tfc_conf.c
@@ -171,9 +171,31 @@ static ssize_t ft_nacl_node_name_store(struct config_item *item,
CONFIGFS_ATTR(ft_nacl_, node_name);
CONFIGFS_ATTR(ft_nacl_, port_name);
+static ssize_t ft_nacl_tag_show(struct config_item *item,
+ char *page)
+ return snprintf(page, PAGE_SIZE, "%s", acl_to_nacl(item)->acl_tag);
+static ssize_t ft_nacl_tag_store(struct config_item *item,
+ const char *page, size_t count)
+ struct se_node_acl *se_nacl = acl_to_nacl(item);
+ int ret;
+ ret = core_tpg_set_initiator_node_tag(se_nacl->se_tpg, se_nacl, page);
+ if (ret < 0)
+ return ret;
+ return count;
+CONFIGFS_ATTR(ft_nacl_, tag);
static struct configfs_attribute *ft_nacl_base_attrs[] = {
+ &ft_nacl_attr_tag,

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