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authorHans Verkuil <hans.verkuil@cisco.com>2012-02-02 08:20:53 -0300
committerMauro Carvalho Chehab <mchehab@redhat.com>2012-02-14 16:38:13 -0200
commite2ecb257eebd8525029f43fcb4f922c4976dba53 (patch)
tree9ae14febaef5e9c0ebf49472a3f6d30b8da7ac5d /include/media
parenteb224c29132b4b2fc01ecd19274501af6c3a261a (diff)
[media] v4l2: standardize log start/end message
For drivers that properly use the v4l2 framework (i.e. set v4l2_dev in the video_device struct), the start and end messages of VIDIOC_LOG_STATUS are now generated automatically. People tended to forget these, but the v4l2-ctl tool scans for these messages, and it also makes it easier to read the status output in the kernel log. The cx18, ivtv and bttv drivers were changed since they no longer need to log these start/end messages. In saa7164 two empty log_status functions were removed. Also added a helper function to v4l2-ctrl.c that can be used as the vidioc_log_status callback if all you need to do is to log the current control values. This is now used by pwc and vivi. Signed-off-by: Hans Verkuil <hans.verkuil@cisco.com> Cc: Steven Toth <stoth@kernellabs.com> Cc: Andy Walls <awalls@md.metrocast.net> Cc: Hans de Goede <hdegoede@redhat.com> Signed-off-by: Mauro Carvalho Chehab <mchehab@redhat.com>
Diffstat (limited to 'include/media')
1 files changed, 4 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/include/media/v4l2-ctrls.h b/include/media/v4l2-ctrls.h
index eeb3df637144..5f246c277ff8 100644
--- a/include/media/v4l2-ctrls.h
+++ b/include/media/v4l2-ctrls.h
@@ -492,6 +492,10 @@ void v4l2_ctrl_add_event(struct v4l2_ctrl *ctrl,
void v4l2_ctrl_del_event(struct v4l2_ctrl *ctrl,
struct v4l2_subscribed_event *sev);
+/* Can be used as a vidioc_log_status function that just dumps all controls
+ associated with the filehandle. */
+int v4l2_ctrl_log_status(struct file *file, void *fh);
/* Helpers for ioctl_ops. If hdl == NULL then they will all return -EINVAL. */
int v4l2_queryctrl(struct v4l2_ctrl_handler *hdl, struct v4l2_queryctrl *qc);
int v4l2_querymenu(struct v4l2_ctrl_handler *hdl, struct v4l2_querymenu *qm);

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