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Merge branch 'next-tpm' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jmorris/linux-security
Pull tpm updates from James Morris: - reduce polling delays in tpm_tis - support retrieving TPM 2.0 Event Log through EFI before ExitBootServices - replace tpm-rng.c with a hwrng device managed by the driver for each TPM device - TPM resource manager synthesizes TPM_RC_COMMAND_CODE response instead of returning -EINVAL for unknown TPM commands. This makes user space more sound. - CLKRUN fixes: * Keep #CLKRUN disable through the entier TPM command/response flow * Check whether #CLKRUN is enabled before disabling and enabling it again because enabling it breaks PS/2 devices on a system where it is disabled * 'next-tpm' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jmorris/linux-security: tpm: remove unused variables tpm: remove unused data fields from I2C and OF device ID tables tpm: only attempt to disable the LPC CLKRUN if is already enabled tpm: follow coding style for variable declaration in tpm_tis_core_init() tpm: delete the TPM_TIS_CLK_ENABLE flag tpm: Update MAINTAINERS for Jason Gunthorpe tpm: Keep CLKRUN enabled throughout the duration of transmit_cmd() tpm_tis: Move ilb_base_addr to tpm_tis_data tpm2-cmd: allow more attempts for selftest execution tpm: return a TPM_RC_COMMAND_CODE response if command is not implemented tpm: Move Linux RNG connection to hwrng tpm: use struct tpm_chip for tpm_chip_find_get() tpm: parse TPM event logs based on EFI table efi: call get_event_log before ExitBootServices tpm: add event log format version tpm: rename event log provider files tpm: move tpm_eventlog.h outside of drivers folder tpm: use tpm_msleep() value as max delay tpm: reduce tpm polling delay in tpm_tis_core tpm: move wait_for_tpm_stat() to respective driver files
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