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authorLinus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>2018-08-23 15:44:58 -0700
committerLinus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>2018-08-23 15:44:58 -0700
commit06e386a1db54ab6a671e103e929b590f7a88f0e3 (patch)
tree40891a97d85cb4fcbef142b031965c242c1905f3 /include/video
parent99897b1e99311e67056808531141c8e16c221d42 (diff)
parentf39684524b391c5a7ed0ac44db4fec3357af1c5d (diff)
Merge tag 'fbdev-v4.19' of https://github.com/bzolnier/linux
Pull fbdev updates from Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz: "Mostly small fixes and cleanups for fb drivers (the biggest updates are for udlfb and pxafb drivers). This also adds deferred console takeover support to the console code and efifb driver. Summary: - add support for deferred console takeover, when enabled defers fbcon taking over the console from the dummy console until the first text is displayed on the console - together with the "quiet" kernel commandline option this allows fbcon to still be used together with a smooth graphical bootup (Hans de Goede) - improve console locking debugging code (Thomas Zimmermann) - copy the ACPI BGRT boot graphics to the framebuffer when deferred console takeover support is used in efifb driver (Hans de Goede) - update udlfb driver - fix lost console when the user unplugs a USB adapter, fix the screen corruption issue, fix locking and add some performance optimizations (Mikulas Patocka) - update pxafb driver - fix using uninitialized memory, switch to devm_* API, handle initialization errors and add support for lcd-supply regulator (Daniel Mack) - add support for boards booted with a DeviceTree in pxa3xx_gcu driver (Daniel Mack) - rename omap2 module to omap2fb.ko to avoid conflicts with omap1 driver (Arnd Bergmann) - enable ACPI-based enumeration for goldfishfb driver (Yu Ning) - fix goldfishfb driver to make user space Android code use 60 fps (Christoffer Dall) - print big fat warning when nomodeset kernel parameter is used in vgacon driver (Lyude Paul) - remove VLA usage from fsl-diu-fb driver (Kees Cook) - misc fixes (Julia Lawall, Geert Uytterhoeven, Fredrik Noring, Yisheng Xie, Dan Carpenter, Daniel Vetter, Anton Vasilyev, Randy Dunlap, Gustavo A. R. Silva, Colin Ian King, Fengguang Wu) - misc cleanups (Roman Kiryanov, Yisheng Xie, Colin Ian King)" * tag 'fbdev-v4.19' of https://github.com/bzolnier/linux: (54 commits) Documentation/fb: corrections for fbcon.txt fbcon: Do not takeover the console from atomic context dummycon: Stop exporting dummycon_[un]register_output_notifier fbcon: Only defer console takeover if the current console driver is the dummycon fbcon: Only allow FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE_DEFERRED_TAKEOVER if fbdev is builtin fbdev: omap2: omapfb: fix ifnullfree.cocci warnings fbdev: omap2: omapfb: fix bugon.cocci warnings fbdev: omap2: omapfb: fix boolreturn.cocci warnings fb: amifb: fix build warnings when not builtin fbdev/core: Disable console-lock warnings when fb.lockless_register_fb is set console: Replace #if 0 with atomic var 'ignore_console_lock_warning' udlfb: use spin_lock_irq instead of spin_lock_irqsave udlfb: avoid prefetch udlfb: optimization - test the backing buffer udlfb: allow reallocating the framebuffer udlfb: set line_length in dlfb_ops_set_par udlfb: handle allocation failure udlfb: set optimal write delay udlfb: make a local copy of fb_ops udlfb: don't switch if we are switching to the same videomode ...
Diffstat (limited to 'include/video')
1 files changed, 4 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/include/video/udlfb.h b/include/video/udlfb.h
index 0cabe6b09095..3abd327bada6 100644
--- a/include/video/udlfb.h
+++ b/include/video/udlfb.h
@@ -20,7 +20,6 @@ struct dloarea {
struct urb_node {
struct list_head entry;
struct dlfb_data *dlfb;
- struct delayed_work release_urb_work;
struct urb *urb;
@@ -52,11 +51,14 @@ struct dlfb_data {
int base8;
u32 pseudo_palette[256];
int blank_mode; /*one of FB_BLANK_ */
+ struct fb_ops ops;
/* blit-only rendering path metrics, exposed through sysfs */
atomic_t bytes_rendered; /* raw pixel-bytes driver asked to render */
atomic_t bytes_identical; /* saved effort with backbuffer comparison */
atomic_t bytes_sent; /* to usb, after compression including overhead */
atomic_t cpu_kcycles_used; /* transpired during pixel processing */
+ struct fb_var_screeninfo current_mode;
+ struct list_head deferred_free;
#define NR_USB_REQUEST_I2C_SUB_IO 0x02
@@ -87,7 +89,7 @@ struct dlfb_data {
-#define DL_DEFIO_WRITE_DELAY 5 /* fb_deferred_io.delay in jiffies */
+#define DL_DEFIO_WRITE_DELAY msecs_to_jiffies(HZ <= 300 ? 4 : 10) /* optimal value for 720p video */
#define DL_DEFIO_WRITE_DISABLE (HZ*60) /* "disable" with long delay */
/* remove these once align.h patch is taken into kernel */

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