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kbuild: LD_VERSION redenomination
Commit ccbef1674a15 ("Kbuild, lto: add ld-version and ld-ifversion macros") introduced scripts/ld-version.sh for GCC LTO. At that time, this script handled 5 version fields because GCC LTO needed the downstream binutils. (https://lkml.org/lkml/2014/4/8/272) The code snippet from the submitted patch was as follows: # We need HJ Lu's Linux binutils because mainline binutils does not # support mixing assembler and LTO code in the same ld -r object. # XXX check if the gcc plugin ld is the expected one too # XXX some Fedora binutils should also support it. How to check for that? ifeq ($(call ld-ifversion,-ge,22710001,y),y) ... However, GCC LTO was not merged into the mainline after all. (https://lkml.org/lkml/2014/4/8/272) So, the 4th and 5th fields were never used, and finally removed by commit 0d61ed17dd30 ("ld-version: Drop the 4th and 5th version components"). Since then, the last 4-digits returned by this script is always zeros. Remove the meaningless last 4-digits. This makes the version format consistent with GCC_VERSION, CLANG_VERSION, LLD_VERSION. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <masahiroy@kernel.org> Acked-by: Will Deacon <will@kernel.org> Acked-by: Thomas Bogendoerfer <tsbogend@alpha.franken.de>
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