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@@ -2113,6 +2113,10 @@ S: J. Obrechtstr 23
S: NL-5216 GP 's-Hertogenbosch
S: The Netherlands
+N: Ashley Lai
+E: ashleydlai@gmail.com
+D: IBM VTPM driver
N: Savio Lam
E: lam836@cs.cuhk.hk
D: Author of the dialog utility, foundation
@@ -3333,6 +3337,10 @@ S: Braunschweiger Strasse 79
S: 31134 Hildesheim
S: Germany
+N: Marcel Selhorst
+E: tpmdd@selhorst.net
+D: TPM driver
N: Darren Senn
E: sinster@darkwater.com
D: Whatever I notice needs doing (so far: itimers, /proc)
@@ -4128,7 +4136,6 @@ D: MD driver
D: EISA/sysfs subsystem
S: France
# Don't add your name here, unless you really _are_ after Marc
# alphabetically. Leonard used to be very proud of being the
# last entry, and he'll get positively pissed if he can't even

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