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+Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies L3 Cache Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU)
+This driver supports the L3 cache PMUs found in Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies
+Centriq SoCs. The L3 cache on these SOCs is composed of multiple slices, shared
+by all cores within a socket. Each slice is exposed as a separate uncore perf
+PMU with device name l3cache_<socket>_<instance>. User space is responsible
+for aggregating across slices.
+The driver provides a description of its available events and configuration
+options in sysfs, see /sys/devices/l3cache*. Given that these are uncore PMUs
+the driver also exposes a "cpumask" sysfs attribute which contains a mask
+consisting of one CPU per socket which will be used to handle all the PMU
+events on that socket.
+The hardware implements 32bit event counters and has a flat 8bit event space
+exposed via the "event" format attribute. In addition to the 32bit physical
+counters the driver supports virtual 64bit hardware counters by using hardware
+counter chaining. This feature is exposed via the "lc" (long counter) format
+flag. E.g.:
+ perf stat -e l3cache_0_0/read-miss,lc/
+Given that these are uncore PMUs the driver does not support sampling, therefore
+"perf record" will not work. Per-task perf sessions are not supported.

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