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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2015-12-18updatessdroutHans Verkuil2-1/+16
2015-12-18vivid: wip for sdr outputHans Verkuil11-138/+894
2015-12-12Revert "[media] UVC: Add support for ds4 depth camera"old/cs_52d60eb7e6d6Mauro Carvalho Chehab2-32/+0
2015-12-04[media] use https://linuxtv.org for LinuxTV URLsmedia-controller-rc4-baseMauro Carvalho Chehab25-28/+28
2015-12-03[media] tda10071: Fix dependency to REGMAP_I2CMatthias Schwarzott1-1/+1
2015-12-03[media] dm1105: Remove unnecessary synchronize_irq() before free_irq()Lars-Peter Clausen1-1/+0
2015-12-03[media] media: rc: remove unneeded codeHeiner Kallweit3-20/+1
2015-12-03[media] si2165: Add DVB-C support for HVR-4400/HVR-5500Matthias Schwarzott1-5/+81
2015-12-03[media] si2165: Prepare si2165_set_frontend() for future DVB-C supportMatthias Schwarzott1-14/+37
2015-12-03[media] si2165: set list of DVB-T registers togetherMatthias Schwarzott1-47/+26
2015-12-03[media] si2165: Simplify si2165_set_if_freq_shift usageMatthias Schwarzott1-13/+13
2015-12-03[media] si2165: move setting ts config to initMatthias Schwarzott1-13/+14
2015-12-03[media] si2165: only write agc registers after reset before start_syncroMatthias Schwarzott1-17/+15
2015-12-03[media] si2165: create function si2165_write_reg_list for writing register listsMatthias Schwarzott1-0/+21
2015-12-03[media] si2165: rename si2165_set_parameters to si2165_set_frontendMatthias Schwarzott1-2/+2
2015-12-03[media] si2165: rename frontend -> feMatthias Schwarzott1-9/+9
2015-12-03[media] UVC: Add support for ds4 depth cameraAviv Greenberg2-0/+32
2015-12-03[media] cx231xx: constify cx2341x_handler_ops structuresJulia Lawall5-5/+5
2015-12-03[media] media, sound: tea575x: constify snd_tea575x_ops structuresJulia Lawall4-4/+4
2015-12-03[media] v4l2-dv-timings: add new arg to v4l2_match_dv_timingsHans Verkuil9-15/+20
2015-11-23Merge tag 'v4.4-rc2' into patchworkMauro Carvalho Chehab9-15/+17
2015-11-20various: fix pci_set_dma_mask return value checkingChristoph Hellwig9-15/+17
2015-11-19[media] davinci: add i2c Kconfig dependenciesArnd Bergmann1-0/+6
2015-11-19[media] fix dvb_frontend_sleep_until() logicMauro Carvalho Chehab1-4/+3
2015-11-19[media] media: cx23885: fix type of allowed_protosHeiner Kallweit1-1/+1
2015-11-19smsir.h: remove a now duplicated definition (IR_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT)Mauro Carvalho Chehab1-2/+0
2015-11-19[media] media: rc: move check whether a protocol is enabled to the coreHeiner Kallweit10-31/+3
2015-11-19[media] media: rc: load decoder modules on-demandHeiner Kallweit2-74/+0
2015-11-19[media] media: rc: constify struct proto_namesHeiner Kallweit1-2/+2
2015-11-19[media] media: rc: preparation for on-demand decoder module loadingHeiner Kallweit1-13/+59
2015-11-19[media] media: rc: fix decoder module unloadingHeiner Kallweit1-3/+14
2015-11-19[media] usbvision: fix crash on detecting device with invalid configurationVladis Dronov1-1/+15
2015-11-19[media] Add support for dvb usb stick Hauppauge WinTV-soloHDArno Bauernöppel2-0/+3
2015-11-19[media] si2165: fix checkpatch issuesMatthias Schwarzott1-30/+39
2015-11-19[media] cx231xx_dvb: use demod_i2c for demod attachMatthias Schwarzott2-8/+8
2015-11-19[media] ttusb-dec: constify ttusbdecfe_config structureJulia Lawall1-1/+1
2015-11-19[media] drivers/media/usb/dvb-usb-v2: constify mxl111sf_demod_config structureJulia Lawall3-5/+5
2015-11-19[media] tv tuner max2165 driver: extend frequency rangeWalter Cheuk1-1/+1
2015-11-19[media] v4l: omap_vout: Don't free buffers if they haven't been allocatedLaurent Pinchart1-4/+6
2015-11-19[media] uvcvideo: Enable UVC 1.5 device detectionLaurent Pinchart1-1/+2
2015-11-19[media] c8sectpfe: Combine three checks into a single if blockMarkus Elfring1-8/+9
2015-11-19[media] c8sectpfe: Delete unnecessary checks before two function callsMarkus Elfring1-3/+2
2015-11-19[media] media: rc-core: simplify logging in rc_register_deviceHeiner Kallweit1-4/+2
2015-11-19[media] media: rc: nuvoton-cir: replace nvt_pr with dev_ functionsHeiner Kallweit2-10/+8
2015-11-19[media] media: rc: nuvoton-cir: switch chip detection message to info levelHeiner Kallweit1-2/+3
2015-11-19[media] media: rc: nuvoton-cir: simplify debug codeHeiner Kallweit1-3/+2
2015-11-19[media] media: rc: nuvoton-cir: add support for the NCT6779DHeiner Kallweit2-1/+3
2015-11-19[media] media: rc: nuvoton-cir: make nvt_hw_detect voidHeiner Kallweit1-6/+2
2015-11-19[media] media: rc: nuvoton-cir: improve chip detectionHeiner Kallweit2-49/+56
2015-11-19[media] media: rc: nuvoton-cir: switch resource handling to devm functionsHeiner Kallweit1-25/+11

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