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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2007-10-19ps3av: remove unused fields in ps3av_monitor_quirksGeert Uytterhoeven1-5/+1
2007-10-18Add missing newlines to some uses of dev_<level> messagesJoe Perches1-1/+1
2007-10-16ps3fb: default to 480p on DVI-D/HDMI if video=safeGeert Uytterhoeven1-0/+13
2007-10-16ps3av: dont distinguish between `boot' and `non-boot' autodetectionGeert Uytterhoeven1-29/+6
2007-10-16ps3av: remove unused ps3av_set_mode()Geert Uytterhoeven1-21/+0
2007-10-16ps3av: add quirk database for broken monitorsGeert Uytterhoeven1-0/+41
2007-10-16ps3av: add autodetection for VESA modesGeert Uytterhoeven1-37/+58
2007-10-16ps3av: treat DVI-D like HDMI in autodetectGeert Uytterhoeven1-16/+8
2007-10-16ps3av: use PS3 video mode ids in autodetect codeGeert Uytterhoeven1-50/+40
2007-10-16ps3av: eliminate PS3AV_DEBUGGeert Uytterhoeven2-71/+67
2007-10-16ps3av: eliminate unneeded temporary variablesGeert Uytterhoeven1-11/+6
2007-10-16ps3: Fix black and white stripesMasashi Kimoto1-20/+38
2007-06-28[POWERPC] PS3: Storage Driver CoreGeert Uytterhoeven2-0/+303
2007-06-28[POWERPC] PS3: Rework AV settings driverGeoff Levand3-208/+202
2007-06-28[POWERPC] PS3: System manager re-workGeoff Levand3-99/+260
2007-06-28[POWERPC] PS3: Vuart reworkGeoff Levand2-374/+510
2007-06-28[POWERPC] PS3: Add support for HDMI RGB Full Range modeMasashi Kimoto1-0/+16
2007-06-28[POWERPC] PS3: Use __maybe_unusedGeoff Levand1-2/+2
2007-05-08Merge branch 'linux-2.6'Paul Mackerras2-56/+72
2007-05-04ps3av: Use __func__ instead of __FUNCTION__Geert Uytterhoeven2-33/+29
2007-05-04ps3: Make `ps3videomode -v 0 (auto mode) work againMasashi Kimoto1-0/+7
2007-05-04ps3av: misc updatesGeert Uytterhoeven1-7/+22
2007-05-04ps3av: thread updatesGeert Uytterhoeven1-16/+14
2007-05-02[POWERPC] PS3: Interrupt routine fixups.Geoff Levand1-4/+4
2007-04-30[POWERPC] Remove dev_dbg redefinition in drivers/ps3/vuart.cPaul Mackerras1-8/+0
2007-03-14[PATCH] C99 initializers, proper use of const in drivers/ps3Al Viro1-11/+13
2007-03-14[PATCH] misc NULL noiseAl Viro1-2/+2
2007-03-10[POWERPC] ps3: always make sure were running on a PS3Geert Uytterhoeven3-2/+15
2007-02-16[POWERPC] PS3: System manager supportGeoff Levand2-0/+605
2007-02-16[POWERPC] PS3: Vuart add async readGeoff Levand2-4/+78
2007-02-16[POWERPC] PS3: Vuart cleanupsGeoff Levand2-132/+245
2007-02-12[PATCH] ps3: disable display flipping during mode changesGeert Uytterhoeven1-1/+4
2007-02-12[PATCH] ps3: AV Settings DriverGeert Uytterhoeven3-0/+1992
2007-02-12[PATCH] ps3: add shutdown to virtual uart port driver frameworkGeert Uytterhoeven2-0/+18
2007-02-07[POWERPC] PS3: Move vuart declarations to ps3.hGeoff Levand1-37/+1
2007-02-07[POWERPC] PS3: Move system bus to platform directoryGeoff Levand2-363/+0
2007-02-07[POWERPC] ps3: bind interrupt to cpuGeoff Levand1-2/+2
2007-02-07[POWERPC] ps3: system bus minor mmio fixBenjamin Herrenschmidt1-3/+3
2006-12-11[POWERPC] ps3: Add vuart supportGeoff Levand3-0/+1060
2006-12-04[POWERPC] ps3: multiplatform build fixesArnd Bergmann1-0/+4
2006-12-04[POWERPC] ps3: add ps3 platform system bus supportGeoff Levand2-0/+359

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