path: root/drivers/reset/reset-uniphier.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2017-10-05reset: uniphier: add PXs3 reset dataMasahiro Yamada1-0/+26
2017-10-04reset: uniphier: add ethernet reset control supportKunihiko Hayashi1-0/+4
2017-08-14reset: uniphier: add analog amplifiers reset controlKatsuhiro Suzuki1-0/+15
2017-08-14reset: uniphier: add video input subsystem reset controlKatsuhiro Suzuki1-0/+2
2017-08-14reset: uniphier: add audio systems reset controlKatsuhiro Suzuki1-0/+4
2017-08-11reset: uniphier: do not use per-SoC macro for system reset blockMasahiro Yamada1-33/+15
2017-08-11reset: uniphier: remove sLD3 SoC supportMasahiro Yamada1-32/+16
2017-03-28reset: uniphier: add NAND and eMMC reset controlMasahiro Yamada1-0/+17
2017-03-08reset: uniphier: fix non static symbol warningsWei Yongjun1-10/+10
2017-01-20reset: uniphier: add compatible string for LD11 SD-reset blockMasahiro Yamada1-0/+4
2016-10-22reset: uniphier: rename MIO reset to SD reset for Pro5, PXs2, LD20 SoCsMasahiro Yamada1-8/+8
2016-08-24reset: uniphier: add reset controller driver for UniPhier SoCsMasahiro Yamada1-0/+440

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