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2014-12-10firewire: sbp2: protect a reference counter properlyStefan Richter1-8/+6
The assertion in the comment in sbp2_allow_block() is no longer true. Or maybe it never was true. At least now, the sole caller of sbp2_allow_block(), sbp2_login, can run concurrently to one of sbp2_unblock()'s callers, sbp2_remove. sbp2_login is performed by sbp2_logical_unit.work. sbp2_remove is performed by fw_device.work. sbp2_remove cancels sbp2_logical_unit.work, but only after it called sbp2_unblock. Signed-off-by: Stefan Richter <stefanr@s5r6.in-berlin.de>
2014-12-10firewire: core: document fw_csr_string's truncation of long stringsStefan Richter1-0/+3
fw_csr_string() truncates and terminates target strings like strlcpy() does. Unlike strlcpy(), it returns the target strlen, not the source strlen, hence users of fw_csr_string() are unable to detect truncation. Point this behavior out in the kerneldoc comment. Signed-off-by: Stefan Richter <stefanr@s5r6.in-berlin.de> Reviewed-by: Takashi Sakamoto <o-takashi@sakamocchi.jp>
2014-11-19firewire: ohci: replace vm_map_ram() with vmap()Clemens Ladisch1-4/+2
vm_map_ram() is intended for short-lived objects, so using it for the AR buffers could fragment address space, especially on a 32-bit machine. For an allocation that lives as long as the device, vmap() is the better choice. Signed-off-by: Clemens Ladisch <clemens@ladisch.de> Signed-off-by: Stefan Richter <stefanr@s5r6.in-berlin.de>
2014-11-16Merge tag 'md/3.18-fix' of git://neil.brown.name/mdLinus Torvalds1-0/+4
Pull md bugfix from Neil Brown: "One fix for md for 3.18. This fixes a regression introduced in 3.13" * tag 'md/3.18-fix' of git://neil.brown.name/md: md: Always set RECOVERY_NEEDED when clearing RECOVERY_FROZEN
2014-11-17md: Always set RECOVERY_NEEDED when clearing RECOVERY_FROZENNeilBrown1-0/+4
md_check_recovery will skip any recovery and also clear MD_RECOVERY_NEEDED if MD_RECOVERY_FROZEN is set. So when we clear _FROZEN, we must set _NEEDED and ensure that md_check_recovery gets run. Otherwise we could miss out on something that is needed. In particular, this can make it impossible to remove a failed device from an array is the 'recovery-needed' processing didn't happen. Suitable for stable kernels since 3.13. Cc: stable@vger.kernel.org (3.13+) Reported-and-tested-by: Joe Lawrence <joe.lawrence@stratus.com> Fixes: 30b8feb730f9b9b3c5de02580897da03f59b6b16 Signed-off-by: NeilBrown <neilb@suse.de>
2014-11-16Merge tag 'scsi-fixes' of ↵Linus Torvalds7-37/+46
git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jejb/scsi Pull SCSI fixes from James Bottomley: "This is a set of six fixes and a MAINTAINER update. The fixes are two multipath (one in Test Unit Ready handling for the path checkers and one in the section of code that sends a start unit after failover; both of these were perturbed by the scsi-mq update), a CD-ROM door locking fix that was likewise introduced by scsi-mq and three driver fixes for a previous code update in cxgb4i, megaraid_sas and bnx2fc" * tag 'scsi-fixes' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jejb/scsi: bnx2fc: fix tgt spinlock locking megaraid_sas: fix bug in handling return value of pci_enable_msix_range() cxgb4i: send abort_rpl correctly cxgbi: add maintainer for cxgb3i/cxgb4i scsi: TUR path is down after adapter gets reset with multipath scsi: call device handler for failed TUR command scsi: only re-lock door after EH on devices that were reset
2014-11-15Merge tag 'for-v3.18-rc' of git://git.infradead.org/battery-2.6Linus Torvalds4-69/+138
Pull power supply updates from Sebastian Reichel: "Power supply and reset changes for the v3.18-rc: - misc. charger-manager fixes - year 2038 fix in ab8500_fg - fix error handling of bq2415x_charger" * tag 'for-v3.18-rc' of git://git.infradead.org/battery-2.6: power: charger-manager: Fix accessing invalidated power supply after charger unbind power: charger-manager: Fix accessing invalidated power supply after fuel gauge unbind power: charger-manager: Avoid recursive thermal get_temp call power_supply: Add no_thermal property to prevent recursive get_temp calls power: bq2415x_charger: Fix memory leak on DTS parsing error power: bq2415x_charger: Properly handle ENODEV from power_supply_get_by_phandle power: ab8500_fg.c: use 64-bit time types
2014-11-15Merge branch 'drm-fixes' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/linuxLinus Torvalds11-46/+103
Pull drm gixes from Dave Airlie: - exynos: infinite loop regressions fixed - i915: one regression - radeon: one race condition on monitor probing - noveau: two regressions - tegra: one vblank regression fix * 'drm-fixes' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/linux: drm/tegra: dc: Add missing call to drm_vblank_on() drm/nouveau/nv50/disp: Fix modeset on G94 drm/gk20a/fb: fix setting of large page size bit drm/radeon: add locking around atombios scratch space usage drm/i915: Fix obj->map_and_fenceable across tiling changes drm/exynos: fix possible infinite loop issue drm/exynos: g2d: fix null pointer dereference drm/exynos: resolve infinite loop issue on non multi-platform drm/exynos: resolve infinite loop issue on multi-platform
2014-11-14Merge branch 'for-linus' of ↵Linus Torvalds4-7/+83
git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/dtor/input Pull input subsystem updates from Dmitry Torokhov: "Mostly small fixups to PS/2 tochpad drivers (ALPS, Elantech, Synaptics) to better deal with specific hardware" * 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/dtor/input: Input: elantech - update the documentation Input: elantech - provide a sysfs knob for crc_enabled Input: elantech - report the middle button of the touchpad Input: alps - ignore bad data on Dell Latitudes E6440 and E7440 Input: alps - allow up to 2 invalid packets without resetting device Input: alps - ignore potential bare packets when device is out of sync Input: elantech - fix crc_enabled for Fujitsu H730 Input: elantech - use elantech_report_trackpoint for hardware v4 too Input: twl4030-pwrbutton - ensure a wakeup event is recorded. Input: synaptics - add min/max quirk for Lenovo T440s
2014-11-14Merge tag 'platform-drivers-x86-v3.18-3' of ↵Linus Torvalds2-0/+45
git://git.infradead.org/users/dvhart/linux-platform-drivers-x86 Pull x86 platform drivers fixlets from Darren Hart: "Just two patches to remove hp_accel events from the keyboard bus stream via an i8042 filter" * tag 'platform-drivers-x86-v3.18-3' of git://git.infradead.org/users/dvhart/linux-platform-drivers-x86: platform: hp_accel: Add SERIO_I8042 as a dependency since it now includes i8042.h/serio.h platform: hp_accel: add a i8042 filter to remove HPQ6000 data from kb bus stream
2014-11-14Merge branch 'for-3.18-fixes' of ↵Linus Torvalds3-70/+51
git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tj/libata Pull libata fixes from Tejun Heo: "The most notable is the revert of lock splitting optimization in ahci. This also made the IRQ handling threaded even when there's only one IRQ in use. The conversion missed IRFQ_SHARED leading to screaming IRQs problem in some cases and the threaded IRQ handling showed performance regression in some LKP test cases. The changes are reverted for now. It'll probably be retried once threaded IRQ handling is removed from ahci. Other than that, there's one fix for ahci and several patches adding device IDs" * 'for-3.18-fixes' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tj/libata: ahci: fix AHCI parameters not taken into account ata: sata_rcar: Add r8a7793 device support ahci: Add Device IDs for Intel Sunrise Point PCH ahci: disable MSI instead of NCQ on Samsung pci-e SSDs on macbooks Revert "AHCI: Optimize single IRQ interrupt processing" Revert "AHCI: Do not acquire ata_host::lock from single IRQ handler" ata: sata_rcar: Disable DIPM mode for r8a7790 ES1
2014-11-14Merge tag 'pm+acpi-3.18-rc5' of ↵Linus Torvalds4-11/+46
git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/rafael/linux-pm Pull ACPI and power management fixes from Rafael Wysocki: "These are three regression fixes, two recent (generic power domains, suspend-to-idle) and one older (cpufreq), an ACPI blacklist entry for one more machine having problems with Windows 8 compatibility, a minor cpufreq driver fix (cpufreq-dt) and a fixup for new callback definitions (generic power domains). Specifics: - Fix a crash in the suspend-to-idle code path introduced by a recent commit that forgot to check a pointer against NULL before dereferencing it (Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov). - Fix a boot crash on Exynos5 introduced by a recent commit making that platform use generic Device Tree bindings for power domains which exposed a weakness in the generic power domains framework leading to that crash (Ulf Hansson). - Fix a crash during system resume on systems where cpufreq depends on Operation Performance Points (OPP) for functionality, but CONFIG_OPP is not set. This leads the cpufreq driver registration to fail, but the resume code attempts to restore the pre-suspend cpufreq configuration (which does not exist) nevertheless and crashes. From Geert Uytterhoeven. - Add a new ACPI blacklist entry for Dell Vostro 3546 that has problems if it is reported as Windows 8 compatible to the BIOS (Adam Lee). - Fix swapped arguments in an error message in the cpufreq-dt driver (Abhilash Kesavan). - Fix up the prototypes of new callbacks in struct generic_pm_domain to make them more useful. Users of those callbacks will be added in 3.19 and it's better for them to be based on the correct struct definition in mainline from the start. From Ulf Hansson and Kevin Hilman" * tag 'pm+acpi-3.18-rc5' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/rafael/linux-pm: PM / Domains: Fix initial default state of the need_restore flag PM / sleep: Fix entering suspend-to-IDLE if no freeze_oops is set PM / Domains: Change prototype for the attach and detach callbacks cpufreq: Avoid crash in resume on SMP without OPP cpufreq: cpufreq-dt: Fix arguments in clock failure error message ACPI / blacklist: blacklist Win8 OSI for Dell Vostro 3546
2014-11-14Merge tag 'firewire-fix' of ↵Linus Torvalds1-2/+1
git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/ieee1394/linux1394 Pull firewire fix from Stefan Richter: "IEEE 1394 (FireWire) subsystem fix: The character device file interface for raw 1394 I/O took uninitialized kernel stack as substitute for missing ioctl() argument data. This could partially show up in subsequent read() output" * tag 'firewire-fix' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/ieee1394/linux1394: firewire: cdev: prevent kernel stack leaking into ioctl arguments
2014-11-14Merge branches 'pm-domains', 'pm-sleep' and 'pm-cpufreq'Rafael J. Wysocki3-11/+38
* pm-domains: PM / Domains: Fix initial default state of the need_restore flag PM / Domains: Change prototype for the attach and detach callbacks * pm-sleep: PM / sleep: Fix entering suspend-to-IDLE if no freeze_oops is set * pm-cpufreq: cpufreq: Avoid crash in resume on SMP without OPP cpufreq: cpufreq-dt: Fix arguments in clock failure error message
2014-11-14Merge branch 'acpi-blacklist'Rafael J. Wysocki1-0/+8
* acpi-blacklist: ACPI / blacklist: blacklist Win8 OSI for Dell Vostro 3546
2014-11-14firewire: cdev: prevent kernel stack leaking into ioctl argumentsStefan Richter1-2/+1
Found by the UC-KLEE tool: A user could supply less input to firewire-cdev ioctls than write- or write/read-type ioctl handlers expect. The handlers used data from uninitialized kernel stack then. This could partially leak back to the user if the kernel subsequently generated fw_cdev_event_'s (to be read from the firewire-cdev fd) which notably would contain the _u64 closure field which many of the ioctl argument structures contain. The fact that the handlers would act on random garbage input is a lesser issue since all handlers must check their input anyway. The fix simply always null-initializes the entire ioctl argument buffer regardless of the actual length of expected user input. That is, a runtime overhead of memset(..., 40) is added to each firewirew-cdev ioctl() call. [Comment from Clemens Ladisch: This part of the stack is most likely to be already in the cache.] Remarks: - There was never any leak from kernel stack to the ioctl output buffer itself. IOW, it was not possible to read kernel stack by a read-type or write/read-type ioctl alone; the leak could at most happen in combination with read()ing subsequent event data. - The actual expected minimum user input of each ioctl from include/uapi/linux/firewire-cdev.h is, in bytes: [0x00] = 32, [0x05] = 4, [0x0a] = 16, [0x0f] = 20, [0x14] = 16, [0x01] = 36, [0x06] = 20, [0x0b] = 4, [0x10] = 20, [0x15] = 20, [0x02] = 20, [0x07] = 4, [0x0c] = 0, [0x11] = 0, [0x16] = 8, [0x03] = 4, [0x08] = 24, [0x0d] = 20, [0x12] = 36, [0x17] = 12, [0x04] = 20, [0x09] = 24, [0x0e] = 4, [0x13] = 40, [0x18] = 4. Reported-by: David Ramos <daramos@stanford.edu> Cc: <stable@vger.kernel.org> Signed-off-by: Stefan Richter <stefanr@s5r6.in-berlin.de>
2014-11-13Merge tag 'for_linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mst/vhostLinus Torvalds1-2/+2
Pull virtio bugfix from Michael S Tsirkin: "This fixes a crash in virtio console multi-channel mode that got introduced in -rc1" * tag 'for_linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mst/vhost: virtio_console: move early VQ enablement
2014-11-13Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netLinus Torvalds48-266/+653
Pull networking fixes from David Miller: 1) sunhme driver lacks DMA mapping error checks, based upon a report by Meelis Roos. 2) Fix memory leak in mvpp2 driver, from Sudip Mukherjee. 3) DMA memory allocation sizes are wrong in systemport ethernet driver, fix from Florian Fainelli. 4) Fix use after free in mac80211 defragmentation code, from Johannes Berg. 5) Some networking uapi headers missing from Kbuild file, from Stephen Hemminger. 6) TUN driver gets csum_start offset wrong when VLAN accel is enabled, and macvtap has a similar bug, from Herbert Xu. 7) Adjust several tunneling drivers to set dev->iflink after registry, because registry sets that to -1 overwriting whatever we did. From Steffen Klassert. 8) Geneve forgets to set inner tunneling type, causing GSO segmentation to fail on some NICs. From Jesse Gross. 9) Fix several locking bugs in stmmac driver, from Fabrice Gasnier and Giuseppe CAVALLARO. 10) Fix spurious timeouts with NewReno on low traffic connections, from Marcelo Leitner. 11) Fix descriptor updates in enic driver, from Govindarajulu Varadarajan. 12) PPP calls bpf_prog_create() with locks held, which isn't kosher. Fix from Takashi Iwai. 13) Fix NULL deref in SCTP with malformed INIT packets, from Daniel Borkmann. 14) psock_fanout selftest accesses past the end of the mmap ring, fix from Shuah Khan. 15) Fix PTP timestamping for VLAN packets, from Richard Cochran. 16) netlink_unbind() calls in netlink pass wrong initial argument, from Hiroaki SHIMODA. 17) vxlan socket reuse accidently reuses a socket when the address family is different, so we have to explicitly check this, from Marcelo Lietner. 18) Fix missing include in nft_reject_bridge.c breaking the build on ppc and other architectures, from Guenter Roeck. * git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net: (75 commits) vxlan: Do not reuse sockets for a different address family smsc911x: power-up phydev before doing a software reset. lib: rhashtable - Remove weird non-ASCII characters from comments net/smsc911x: Fix delays in the PHY enable/disable routines net/smsc911x: Fix rare soft reset timeout issue due to PHY power-down mode netlink: Properly unbind in error conditions. net: ptp: fix time stamp matching logic for VLAN packets. cxgb4 : dcb open-lldp interop fixes selftests/net: psock_fanout seg faults in sock_fanout_read_ring() net: bcmgenet: apply MII configuration in bcmgenet_open() net: bcmgenet: connect and disconnect from the PHY state machine net: qualcomm: Fix dependency ixgbe: phy: fix uninitialized status in ixgbe_setup_phy_link_tnx net: phy: Correctly handle MII ioctl which changes autonegotiation. ipv6: fix IPV6_PKTINFO with v4 mapped net: sctp: fix memory leak in auth key management net: sctp: fix NULL pointer dereference in af->from_addr_param on malformed packet net: ppp: Don't call bpf_prog_create() in ppp_lock net/mlx4_en: Advertize encapsulation offloads features only when VXLAN tunnel is set cxgb4 : Fix bug in DCB app deletion ...
2014-11-13Input: elantech - provide a sysfs knob for crc_enabledUlrik De Bie1-0/+2
The detection of crc_enabled is known to fail for Fujitsu H730. A DMI blacklist is added for that, but it can be expected that other laptops will pop up with this. Here a sysfs knob is provided to alter the behaviour of crc_enabled. Writing 0 or 1 to it sets the variable to 0 or 1. Reading it will show the crc_enabled variable (0 or 1). Reported-by: Stefan Valouch <stefan@valouch.com> Signed-off-by: Ulrik De Bie <ulrik.debie-os@e2big.org> Signed-off-by: Dmitry Torokhov <dmitry.torokhov@gmail.com>
2014-11-13Input: elantech - report the middle button of the touchpadUlrik De Bie1-0/+19
In the past, no elantech was known with 3 touchpad mouse buttons. Fujitsu H730 is the first known elantech with a middle button. This commit enables this middle button. For backwards compatibility, the Fujitsu is detected via DMI, and only for this one 3 buttons will be announced. Reported-by: Stefan Valouch <stefan@valouch.com> Signed-off-by: Ulrik De Bie <ulrik.debie-os@e2big.org> Signed-off-by: Dmitry Torokhov <dmitry.torokhov@gmail.com>
2014-11-13Input: alps - ignore bad data on Dell Latitudes E6440 and E7440Pali Rohár1-1/+16
Sometimes on Dell Latitude laptops psmouse/alps driver receive invalid ALPS protocol V3 packets with bit7 set in last byte. More often it can be reproduced on Dell Latitude E6440 or E7440 with closed lid and pushing cover above touchpad. If bit7 in last packet byte is set then it is not valid ALPS packet. I was told that ALPS devices never send these packets. It is not know yet who send those packets, it could be Dell EC, bug in BIOS and also bug in touchpad firmware... With this patch alps driver does not process those invalid packets, but instead of reporting PSMOUSE_BAD_DATA, getting into out of sync state, getting back in sync with the next byte and spam dmesg we return PSMOUSE_FULL_PACKET. If driver is truly out of sync we'll fail the checks on the next byte and report PSMOUSE_BAD_DATA then. Signed-off-by: Pali Rohár <pali.rohar@gmail.com> Tested-by: Pali Rohár <pali.rohar@gmail.com> Cc: stable@vger.kernel.org Signed-off-by: Dmitry Torokhov <dmitry.torokhov@gmail.com>
2014-11-13Merge branch 'akpm' (fixes from Andrew Morton)Linus Torvalds1-1/+2
Merge misc fixes from Andrew Morton: "15 fixes" * emailed patches from Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org>: MAINTAINERS: add IIO include files kernel/panic.c: update comments for print_tainted mem-hotplug: reset node present pages when hot-adding a new pgdat mem-hotplug: reset node managed pages when hot-adding a new pgdat mm/debug-pagealloc: correct freepage accounting and order resetting fanotify: fix notification of groups with inode & mount marks mm, compaction: prevent infinite loop in compact_zone mm: alloc_contig_range: demote pages busy message from warn to info mm/slab: fix unalignment problem on Malta with EVA due to slab merge mm/page_alloc: restrict max order of merging on isolated pageblock mm/page_alloc: move freepage counting logic to __free_one_page() mm/page_alloc: add freepage on isolate pageblock to correct buddy list mm/page_alloc: fix incorrect isolation behavior by rechecking migratetype mm/compaction: skip the range until proper target pageblock is met zram: avoid kunmap_atomic() of a NULL pointer
2014-11-13Merge branch 'for-linus' of ↵Linus Torvalds3-0/+3
git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jikos/hid Pull HID fixes from Jiri Kosina: - fix for an oops in HID core upon repeated subdriver insertion/removal under certain circumstances, by Benjamin Tissoires - quirk for another Elan Touchscreen device, by Adel Gadllah * 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jikos/hid: HID: core: cleanup .claimed field on disconnect HID: usbhid: enable always-poll quirk for Elan Touchscreen 0103
2014-11-13zram: avoid kunmap_atomic() of a NULL pointerWeijie Yang1-1/+2
zram could kunmap_atomic() a NULL pointer in a rare situation: a zram page becomes a full-zeroed page after a partial write io. The current code doesn't handle this case and performs kunmap_atomic() on a NULL pointer, which panics the kernel. This patch fixes this issue. Signed-off-by: Weijie Yang <weijie.yang@samsung.com> Cc: Sergey Senozhatsky <sergey.senozhatsky@gmail.com> Cc: Dan Streetman <ddstreet@ieee.org> Cc: Nitin Gupta <ngupta@vflare.org> Cc: Weijie Yang <weijie.yang.kh@gmail.com> Acked-by: Jerome Marchand <jmarchan@redhat.com> Cc: <stable@vger.kernel.org> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
2014-11-14Merge tag 'drm/tegra/for-3.18-rc5' of ↵Dave Airlie1-5/+4
git://people.freedesktop.org/~tagr/linux into drm-fixes drm/tegra: Fixes for v3.18-rc5 This is a single patch that fixes the VBLANK machinery after: 7ffd7a68511c drm: Always reject drm_vblank_get() after drm_vblank_off() * tag 'drm/tegra/for-3.18-rc5' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~tagr/linux: drm/tegra: dc: Add missing call to drm_vblank_on()
2014-11-14Merge branch 'linux-3.18' of ↵Dave Airlie2-3/+38
git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/nouveau/linux-2.6 into drm-fixes One modesetting, one gk20a fix. * 'linux-3.18' of git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/nouveau/linux-2.6: drm/nouveau/nv50/disp: Fix modeset on G94 drm/gk20a/fb: fix setting of large page size bit
2014-11-14Merge tag 'drm-intel-fixes-2014-11-13' of ↵Dave Airlie1-16/+3
git://anongit.freedesktop.org/drm-intel into drm-fixes one regression fix. * tag 'drm-intel-fixes-2014-11-13' of git://anongit.freedesktop.org/drm-intel: drm/i915: Fix obj->map_and_fenceable across tiling changes
2014-11-13vxlan: Do not reuse sockets for a different address familyMarcelo Leitner1-10/+19
Currently, we only match against local port number in order to reuse socket. But if this new vxlan wants an IPv6 socket and a IPv4 one bound to that port, vxlan will reuse an IPv4 socket as IPv6 and a panic will follow. The following steps reproduce it: # ip link add vxlan6 type vxlan id 42 group \ srcport 5000 6000 dev eth0 # ip link add vxlan7 type vxlan id 43 group ff0e::110 \ srcport 5000 6000 dev eth0 # ip link set vxlan6 up # ip link set vxlan7 up <panic> [ 4.187481] BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 0000000000000058 ... [ 4.188076] Call Trace: [ 4.188085] [<ffffffff81667c4a>] ? ipv6_sock_mc_join+0x3a/0x630 [ 4.188098] [<ffffffffa05a6ad6>] vxlan_igmp_join+0x66/0xd0 [vxlan] [ 4.188113] [<ffffffff810a3430>] process_one_work+0x220/0x710 [ 4.188125] [<ffffffff810a33c4>] ? process_one_work+0x1b4/0x710 [ 4.188138] [<ffffffff810a3a3b>] worker_thread+0x11b/0x3a0 [ 4.188149] [<ffffffff810a3920>] ? process_one_work+0x710/0x710 So address family must also match in order to reuse a socket. Reported-by: Jean-Tsung Hsiao <jhsiao@redhat.com> Signed-off-by: Marcelo Ricardo Leitner <mleitner@redhat.com> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
2014-11-13smsc911x: power-up phydev before doing a software reset.Enric Balletbo i Serra1-0/+46
With commit be9dad1f9f26604fb ("net: phy: suspend phydev when going to HALTED"), the PHY device will be put in a low-power mode using BMCR_PDOWN if the the interface is set down. The smsc911x driver does a software_reset opening the device driver (ndo_open). In such case, the PHY must be powered-up before access to any register and before calling the software_reset function. Otherwise, as the PHY is powered down the software reset fails and the interface can not be enabled again. This patch fixes this scenario that is easy to reproduce setting down the network interface and setting up again. $ ifconfig eth0 down $ ifconfig eth0 up ifconfig: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Input/output error Signed-off-by: Enric Balletbo i Serra <eballetbo@iseebcn.com> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
2014-11-13net/smsc911x: Fix delays in the PHY enable/disable routinesAlexander Kochetkov1-5/+2
Increased delay in the smsc911x_phy_disable_energy_detect (from 1ms to 2ms). Dropped delays in the smsc911x_phy_enable_energy_detect (100ms and 1ms). The patch affect SMSC LAN generation 4 chips with integrated PHY (LAN9221). I saw problems with soft reset due to wrong udelay timings. After I fixed udelay, I measured the time needed to bring integrated PHY from power-down to operational mode (the time beetween clearing EDPWRDOWN bit and soft reset complete event). I got 1ms (measured using ktime_get). The value is equal to the current value (1ms) used in the smsc911x_phy_disable_energy_detect. It is near the upper bound and in order to avoid rare soft reset faults it is doubled (2ms). I don't know official timing for bringing up integrated PHY as specs doesn't clarify this (or may be I didn't found). It looks safe to drop delays before and after setting EDPWRDOWN bit (enable PHY power-down mode). I didn't saw any regressions with the patch. The patch was reviewed by Steve Glendinning and Microchip Team. Signed-off-by: Alexander Kochetkov <al.kochet@gmail.com> Acked-by: Steve Glendinning <steve.glendinning@shawell.net> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
2014-11-13net/smsc911x: Fix rare soft reset timeout issue due to PHY power-down modeAlexander Kochetkov1-6/+2
The patch affect SMSC LAN generation 4 chips with integrated PHY (LAN9221). It is possible that PHY could enter power-down mode (ENERGYON clear), between ENERGYON bit check in smsc911x_phy_disable_energy_detect and SRST bit set in smsc911x_soft_reset. This could happen, for example, if someone disconnect ethernet cable between the checks. The PHY in a power-down mode would prevent the MAC portion of chip to be software reseted. Initially found by code review, confirmed later using test case. This is low probability issue, and in order to reproduce it you have to run the script: while true; do ifconfig eth0 down ifconfig eth0 up || break done While the script is running you have to plug/unplug ethernet cable many times (using gpio controlled ethernet switch, for example) until get: [ 4516.477783] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready [ 4516.512207] smsc911x smsc911x.0: eth0: SMSC911x/921x identified at 0xce006000, IRQ: 336 [ 4516.524658] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready [ 4516.559082] smsc911x smsc911x.0: eth0: SMSC911x/921x identified at 0xce006000, IRQ: 336 [ 4516.571990] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready ifconfig: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Input/output error The patch was reviewed by Steve Glendinning and Microchip Team. Signed-off-by: Alexander Kochetkov <al.kochet@gmail.com> Acked-by: Steve Glendinning <steve.glendinning@shawell.net> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
2014-11-13Merge tag 'dm-3.18-fixes' of ↵Linus Torvalds7-31/+50
git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/device-mapper/linux-dm Pull device mapper fixes from Mike Snitzer: - stable fix for dm-thin that avoids normal IO racing with discard - stable fix for a dm-cache related bug in dm-btree walking code that results from using very large fast device (eg 4T) with a very small cache blocksize (eg 32K) -- this is a very uncommon configuration - a couple fixes for dm-raid (one for stable and the other addresses a crash in 3.18-rc1 code) - stable fix for dm-thinp that addresses a very rare dm-bufio bug having to do with memory reclaimation (via shrinker) when using dm-thinp ontop of loopback devices - fix a leak in dm-stripe target constructor's error path * tag 'dm-3.18-fixes' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/device-mapper/linux-dm: dm btree: fix a recursion depth bug in btree walking code dm thin: grab a virtual cell before looking up the mapping dm raid: fix inaccessible superblocks causing oops in configure_discard_support dm raid: ensure superblock's size matches device's logical block size dm bufio: change __GFP_IO to __GFP_FS in shrinker callbacks dm stripe: fix potential for leak in stripe_ctr error path
2014-11-13drm/tegra: dc: Add missing call to drm_vblank_on()Thierry Reding1-5/+4
When the CRTC is enabled, make sure the VBLANK machinery is enabled. Failure to do so will cause drm_vblank_get() to not enable the VBLANK on the CRTC and VBLANK-synchronized page-flips won't work. While at it, get rid of the legacy drm_vblank_pre_modeset() and drm_vblank_post_modeset() calls that are replaced by drm_vblank_on() and drm_vblank_off(). Reported-by: Alexandre Courbot <acourbot@nvidia.com> Tested-by: Alexandre Courbot <acourbot@nvidia.com> Signed-off-by: Thierry Reding <treding@nvidia.com>
2014-11-13virtio_console: move early VQ enablementCornelia Huck1-2/+2
Commit f5866db6 (virtio_console: enable VQs early) tried to make sure that DRIVER_OK was set when virtio_console started using its virtqueues. Doing this in add_port(), however, means that we try to set DRIVER_OK again when when a port is dynamically added after the probe function is done. Let's move virtio_device_ready() to the probe function just before trying to use the virtqueues instead. This is fine as nothing can fail inbetween. Reported-by: Thomas Graf <tgraf@suug.ch> Reviewed-by: Michael S. Tsirkin <mst@redhat.com> Signed-off-by: Cornelia Huck <cornelia.huck@de.ibm.com> Signed-off-by: Michael S. Tsirkin <mst@redhat.com>
2014-11-13drm/nouveau/nv50/disp: Fix modeset on G94Roy Spliet1-2/+23
Commit 1dce6264045cd23e9c07574ed0bb31c7dce9354f introduced a regression spotted on several G94 (FDObz #85160). This device seems to expect the vblank period to be set after setting scale instead of before. V2: shove this in a separate function This is a candidate bug-fix for 3.18 Signed-off-by: Roy Spliet <rspliet@eclipso.eu> Tested-by: Zlatko Calusic <zcalusic@bitsync.net> Tested-by: Michael Riesch <michael@riesch.at> Tested-by: "poma" <pomidorabelisima@gmail.com> Tested-by: Adam Williamson <adamw@happyassassin.net> Signed-off-by: Ben Skeggs <bskeggs@redhat.com>
2014-11-13drm/gk20a/fb: fix setting of large page size bitAlexandre Courbot1-1/+15
Commit "ltc/gf100-: fix cbc issues on certain boards" moved the setting of the large page size bit from bar/nvc0 to fb/nvc0. GK20A uses its own FB device and the change was thus not applied to it - fix this. Signed-off-by: Alexandre Courbot <acourbot@nvidia.com> Signed-off-by: Ben Skeggs <bskeggs@redhat.com>
2014-11-12Merge tag 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/virt/kvm/kvmLinus Torvalds1-1/+0
Pull kvm fixes from Paolo Bonzini: "Two fixes --- one of them not exactly a one liner, but things are calming down on the KVM front at last" * tag 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/virt/kvm/kvm: KVM: x86: Fix uninitialized op->type for some immediate values KVM: s390: virtio_ccw: remove unused variable
2014-11-13Merge branch 'drm-fixes-3.18' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~agd5f/linux ↵Dave Airlie5-3/+19
into drm-fixes atom scratch register race fix. * 'drm-fixes-3.18' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~agd5f/linux: drm/radeon: add locking around atombios scratch space usage
2014-11-13Merge branch 'exynos-drm-fixes' of ↵Dave Airlie2-19/+39
git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/daeinki/drm-exynos into drm-fixes Now exynos drm driver incurs infinite loop issue on multi-platform reported by Matwey V.Korniliv like below, http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.video.dri.devel/117622 This issue is because non kms drivers enabled are probed before a component master tries to bring up. This patch set resolves the infinite loop issue and also includes fixups relevant to exynos drm internal issues. * 'exynos-drm-fixes' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/daeinki/drm-exynos: drm/exynos: fix possible infinite loop issue drm/exynos: g2d: fix null pointer dereference drm/exynos: resolve infinite loop issue on non multi-platform drm/exynos: resolve infinite loop issue on multi-platform
2014-11-12Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/herbert/crypto-2.6Linus Torvalds9-53/+53
Pull crypto fixes from Herbert Xu: - stack corruption fix for pseries hwrng driver - add missing DMA unmap in caam crypto driver - fix NUMA crash in qat crypto driver - fix buggy mapping of zero-length associated data in qat crypto driver * git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/herbert/crypto-2.6: hwrng: pseries - port to new read API and fix stack corruption crypto: caam - fix missing dma unmap on error path crypto: qat - Enforce valid numa configuration crypto: qat - Prevent dma mapping zero length assoc data
2014-11-12Merge tag 'hwmon-for-linus-v3.18-rc5' of ↵Linus Torvalds3-6/+15
git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/groeck/linux-staging Pull hwmon fixes from Guenter Roeck: - fix PCI device ID in fam15h_power driver - fix suspend/resume behavior in pwm-fan driver - reduce logging noise created by ibmpowernv driver * tag 'hwmon-for-linus-v3.18-rc5' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/groeck/linux-staging: hwmon: (fam15h_power) Fix NB device ID for F16h M30h hwmon: (pwm-fan) Fix suspend/resume behavior hwmon: (ibmpowernv) Quieten when probing finds no device
2014-11-12Merge branch 'fixes' of ↵Linus Torvalds4-19/+36
git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/evalenti/linux-soc-thermal Pull thermal driver fixes from Eduardo Valentin: "This week we have few fixes: - fix in IMX thermal driver to do the correct loading sequence with CPUfreq - fix in Exynos related to TMU_CONTROL offset in Exynos5260 - fix the unit conversion in int3403" [ Still pulling from Eduardo as Rui Zhang is on a business trip and has troubles with his machine ] * 'fixes' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/evalenti/linux-soc-thermal: imx: thermal: imx_get_temp might be called before sensor clock is prepared thermal: exynos: use correct offset for TMU_CONTROL register on Exynos5260 thermal: imx: correct driver load sequence for cpu cooling Thermal/int3403: Fix thermal hysteresis unit conversion
2014-11-12Merge tag 'mfd-fixes-3.18' of ↵Linus Torvalds5-4/+71
git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/lee/mfd Pull MFD fixes from Lee Jones: - register offset fix for stmpe - eradicate build warning when !PM in rtsx_pcr - fix device ID collision when multiple boards are connected in viperboard - use correct Regmap handle - fixing unhanded IRQs in max77693 - unmask MUIC IRQs in max77693 - clear VBUS & CHG bits so board doesn't reboot instead of poweroff in twl4030 * tag 'mfd-fixes-3.18' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/lee/mfd: mfd: twl4030-power: Fix poweroff with PM configuration enabled mfd: max77693: Fix always masked MUIC interrupts mfd: max77693: Use proper regmap for handling MUIC interrupts mfd: viperboard: Fix platform-device id collision mfd: rtsx: Fix build warnings for !PM mfd: stmpe: Fix STMPE24xx GPMR LSB
2014-11-12Merge branch 'drm-fixes' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/linuxLinus Torvalds12-23/+87
Pull drm fixes from Dave Airlie: "Radeon and i915 fixes. I probably should have sent these earlier, but nothing too urgent in them: - i915: blackscreen and corruption fixes - radeon: oops, locking and stability" * 'drm-fixes' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/linux: drm/radeon: add missing crtc unlock when setting up the MC drm/radeon: use gart for DMA IB tests drm/radeon: make sure mode init is complete in bandwidth_update drm/radeon: set correct CE ram size for CIK drm/i915: safeguard against too high minimum brightness drm/i915: vlv: fix gunit HW state corruption during S4 suspend drm/i915: Disable caches for Global GTT.
2014-11-12net: ptp: fix time stamp matching logic for VLAN packets.Richard Cochran2-3/+3
Commit ae5c6c6d "ptp: Classify ptp over ip over vlan packets" changed the code in two drivers that matches time stamps with PTP frames, with the goal of allowing VLAN tagged PTP packets to receive hardware time stamps. However, that commit failed to account for the VLAN header when parsing IPv4 packets. This patch fixes those two drivers to correctly match VLAN tagged IPv4/UDP PTP messages with their time stamps. This patch should also be applied to v3.17. Signed-off-by: Richard Cochran <richardcochran@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
2014-11-12cxgb4 : dcb open-lldp interop fixesAnish Bhatt1-9/+19
* In LLD_MANAGED mode, traffic classes were being returned in reverse order to lldp agent. * Priotype of strict is no longer the default returned. * Change behaviour of getdcbx() based on discussions on lldp-devel These were missed as there was no working fetch interface for open-lldp when running in LLD_MANAGED mode till now. Fixes: 76bcb31efc06 ("cxgb4 : Add DCBx support codebase and dcbnl_ops") Signed-off-by: Anish Bhatt <anish@chelsio.com> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
2014-11-11net: bcmgenet: apply MII configuration in bcmgenet_open()Florian Fainelli3-5/+9
In case an interface has been brought down before entering S3, and then brought up out of S3, all the initialization done during bcmgenet_probe() by bcmgenet_mii_init() calling bcmgenet_mii_config() is just lost since register contents are restored to their reset values. Re-apply this configuration anytime we call bcmgenet_open() to make sure our port multiplexer is properly configured to match the PHY interface. Since we are now calling bcmgenet_mii_config() everytime bcmgenet_open() is called, make sure we only print the message during initialization time not to pollute the console. Fixes: b6e978e50444 ("net: bcmgenet: add suspend/resume callbacks") Fixes: 1c1008c793fa4 ("net: bcmgenet: add main driver file") Signed-off-by: Florian Fainelli <f.fainelli@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
2014-11-11net: bcmgenet: connect and disconnect from the PHY state machineFlorian Fainelli3-1/+8
phy_disconnect() is the only way to guarantee that we are not going to schedule more work on the PHY state machine workqueue for that particular PHY device. This fixes an issue where a network interface was suspended prior to a system suspend/resume cycle and would then be resumed as part of mdio_bus_resume(), since the GENET interface clocks would have been disabled, this basically resulted in bus errors to appear since we are invoking the GENET driver adjust_link() callback. Fixes: b6e978e50444 ("net: bcmgenet: add suspend/resume callbacks") Signed-off-by: Florian Fainelli <f.fainelli@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
2014-11-11net: qualcomm: Fix dependencyStefan Wahren1-2/+1
This patch removes the dependency of the VENDOR entry and fixes the QCA7000 one. Signed-off-by: Stefan Wahren <stefan.wahren@i2se.com> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
2014-11-11drm/radeon: add locking around atombios scratch space usageDave Airlie5-3/+19
While developing MST support I noticed I often got the wrong data back from a transaction, in a racy fashion. I noticed the scratch space wasn't locked against concurrent users. Based on a patch by Alex, but I've made it a bit more obvious when things are locked. Signed-off-by: Dave Airlie <airlied@redhat.com> Signed-off-by: Alex Deucher <alexander.deucher@amd.com> Cc: stable@vger.kernel.org

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