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2017-06-09nvmem: core: Call put_device() in nvmem_unregister()Andrey Smirnov1-0/+1
2017-06-09nvmem: core: fix leaks on registration errorsJohan Hovold1-5/+8
2017-06-09nvmem: correct Broadcom OTP controller driver writesOza Pawandeep1-2/+2
2017-06-09w1: Add subsystem kernel public interfaceAndrew F. Davis35-531/+158
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: Add module license to core driverChristopher Bostic1-0/+1
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: Use asynchronous slave modeJeremy Kerr3-1/+24
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: Add hub master supportChristopher Bostic3-0/+336
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: Add SCOM FSI client device driverChristopher Bostic3-0/+269
2017-06-09drivers/fsi/gpio: Add tracepoints for GPIO masterJeremy Kerr1-0/+9
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: Add GPIO based FSI masterChristopher Bostic3-0/+607
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: Add error handling for slaveJeremy Kerr1-7/+114
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: Add tracepoints for low-level operationsJeremy Kerr1-6/+21
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: expose direct-access slave APIJeremy Kerr1-6/+24
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: Add sysfs files for FSI master & slave accessesJeremy Kerr1-0/+116
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: Add client driver register utilitiesChristopher Bostic1-0/+17
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: Add master unscanChristopher Bostic1-0/+44
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: Add device read/write/peek APIJeremy Kerr1-1/+49
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: scan slaves & register devicesJeremy Kerr1-1/+127
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: Set slave SMODE to init communicationChristopher Bostic1-0/+75
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: Implement slave initialisationJeremy Kerr2-2/+66
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: Set up links for slave communicationChristopher Bostic1-2/+35
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: Add slave & master read/write APIsJeremy Kerr1-0/+92
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: Add empty master scanJeremy Kerr1-2/+23
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: Add slave definitionJeremy Kerr1-0/+10
2017-06-09drivers/fsi: Add fsi master definitionJeremy Kerr2-0/+76
2017-06-09coresight: add support for CPU debug moduleLeo Yan3-0/+715
2017-06-09coresight: refactor with function of_coresight_get_cpuLeo Yan1-15/+28
2017-06-09coresight: of_get_coresight_platform_data: Add missing of_node_putSuzuki K Poulose1-7/+10
2017-06-09coresight: tmc: Configure DMA mask appropriatelyRobin Murphy1-0/+7
2017-06-09coresight: etb10: Fix a typo in a comment lineMarkus Elfring1-1/+1
2017-06-09coresight: etb10: Delete an error message for a failed memory allocation in e...Markus Elfring1-4/+1
2017-06-09coresight: use const for device_node structuresLeo Yan1-3/+4
2017-06-09coresight: tmc: minor fix for output logLeo Yan1-8/+17
2017-06-09coresight: etm_perf: Fix using uninitialised workSuzuki K Poulose1-2/+1
2017-06-09coresight: Fix reference count for software sourcesSuzuki K Poulose1-2/+13
2017-06-09coresight: Disable the path only when the source is disabledSuzuki K Poulose1-6/+13
2017-06-09thunderbolt: fix spelling mistake: "missmatch" -> "mismatch"Colin Ian King1-1/+1
2017-06-09thunderbolt: Add support for host and device NVM firmware upgradeMika Westerberg7-23/+680
2017-06-09thunderbolt: Add support for Internal Connection Manager (ICM)Mika Westerberg11-12/+1757
2017-06-09thunderbolt: Do not touch the hardware if the NHI is gone on resumeMika Westerberg2-0/+15
2017-06-09thunderbolt: Add support for DMA configuration based mailboxMika Westerberg6-2/+644
2017-06-09thunderbolt: Store Thunderbolt generation in the switch structureMika Westerberg2-17/+40
2017-06-09thunderbolt: Add support for NHI mailboxMika Westerberg3-0/+85
2017-06-09thunderbolt: Add new Thunderbolt PCI IDsMika Westerberg3-5/+42
2017-06-09thunderbolt: Rework control channel to be more reliableMika Westerberg3-71/+473
2017-06-09thunderbolt: Let the connection manager handle all notificationsMika Westerberg5-38/+103
2017-06-09thunderbolt: Expose make_header() to other filesMika Westerberg2-15/+15
2017-06-09thunderbolt: Expose get_route() to other filesMika Westerberg2-12/+11
2017-06-09thunderbolt: Move control channel messages to tb_msgs.hMika Westerberg3-91/+109
2017-06-09thunderbolt: Read vendor and device name from DROMMika Westerberg3-0/+58

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