path: root/include/asm-generic/bug.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2017-11-17bug: fix "cut here" location for __WARN_TAINT architecturesKees Cook1-2/+3
2017-11-17bug: define the "cut here" string in a single placeKees Cook1-0/+2
2017-11-17kernel debug: support resetting WARN*_ONCEAndi Kleen1-3/+3
2017-11-02License cleanup: add SPDX GPL-2.0 license identifier to files with no licenseGreg Kroah-Hartman1-0/+1
2017-07-10asm-generic/bug.h: declare struct pt_regs; before function prototypeIan Abbott1-0/+1
2017-04-14debug: Avoid setting BUGFLAG_WARNING twicePeter Zijlstra1-1/+1
2017-03-30debug: Add _ONCE() logic to report_bug()Peter Zijlstra1-1/+17
2016-03-24Merge tag 'asm-generic-4.6' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/...Linus Torvalds1-1/+1
2016-03-17lib/bug.c: use common WARN helperJosh Poimboeuf1-0/+6
2016-03-17bug: set warn variable before calling WARN()Steven Rostedt1-9/+12
2016-03-01asm-generic: default BUG_ON(x) to if(x)BUG()Arnd Bergmann1-1/+1
2014-04-07bug: Make BUG() always stop the machineJosh Triplett1-1/+1
2014-04-07bug: when !CONFIG_BUG, make WARN call no_printk to check format and argsJosh Triplett1-0/+1
2014-04-07include/asm-generic/bug.h: style fix: s/while(0)/while (0)/Josh Triplett1-3/+3
2014-04-07bug: when !CONFIG_BUG, simplify WARN_ON_ONCE and familyJosh Triplett1-27/+30
2012-06-25bug.h: Fix up CONFIG_BUG=n implicit function declarations.Paul Mundt1-10/+9
2012-06-18bug.h: Fix up powerpc build regression.Paul Mundt1-3/+5
2012-06-11bug.h: need linux/kernel.h for TAINT_WARN.Paul Mundt1-0/+1
2012-03-23consolidate WARN_...ONCE() static variablesJan Beulich1-3/+3
2011-10-31treewide: use __printf not __attribute__((format(printf,...)))Joe Perches1-5/+6
2011-05-26bug.h: Move ratelimit warn interfaces to ratelimit.hDavid S. Miller1-40/+0
2011-05-24bug.h: Fix build with CONFIG_PRINTK disabled.David S. Miller1-0/+21
2011-05-23bug.h: Add WARN_RATELIMITJoe Perches1-0/+16
2011-03-28WARN_ON_SMP(): Add comment to explain ({0;})Steven Rostedt1-0/+7
2011-03-25WARN_ON_SMP(): Allow use in if() statements on UPSteven Rostedt1-1/+27
2010-05-19panic: Allow warnings to set different taint flagsBen Hutchings1-2/+32
2009-12-15WARN_ONCE(): use bool for boolean flagCesar Eduardo Barros1-4/+4
2009-05-06Eliminate thousands of warnings with gcc 3.2 buildAndi Kleen1-3/+4
2009-04-15The default CONFIG_BUG=n version of BUG() should have an empty do...whileDavid Howells1-1/+1
2009-01-06documentation: when to BUG(), and when to not BUG()David Brownell1-0/+17
2008-12-30Merge branch 'core-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/gi...Linus Torvalds1-4/+3
2008-12-16allow bug table entries to use relative pointers (and use it on x86-64)Jan Beulich1-0/+8
2008-11-28debug warnings: eliminate warn_on_slowpath()Ingo Molnar1-4/+3
2008-10-20fix WARN() for PPCArjan van de Ven1-1/+1
2008-10-16include: replace __FUNCTION__ with __func__Harvey Harrison1-1/+1
2008-09-16warn: Turn the netdev timeout WARN_ON() into a WARN()Arjan van de Ven1-0/+10
2008-07-25printk ratelimiting rewriteDave Young1-0/+3
2008-07-25Add a WARN() macro; this is WARN_ON() + printk argumentsArjan van de Ven1-0/+22
2008-01-30debug: move WARN_ON() out of lineArjan van de Ven1-5/+5
2008-01-30debug: introduce __WARN()Olof Johansson1-6/+11
2007-07-31Fix WARN_ON() on bitfield opsLinus Torvalds1-3/+3
2007-07-17Fix sparse false positives re BUG_ON(ptr)Alexey Dobriyan1-1/+1
2007-05-24Don't call a warnign a bug. It's a warning.Linus Torvalds1-1/+1
2006-12-30[PATCH] change WARN_ON back to "BUG: at ..."Ingo Molnar1-1/+1
2006-12-08[PATCH] Fix generic WARN_ON messageJeremy Fitzhardinge1-1/+1
2006-12-08[PATCH] Generic BUG implementationJeremy Fitzhardinge1-0/+16
2006-10-20[PATCH] Fix warnings for WARN_ON if CONFIG_BUG is disabledRalf Baechle1-1/+4
2006-10-06[PATCH] Fix WARN_ON / WARN_ON_ONCE regressionAndrew Morton1-8/+8
2006-09-29[PATCH] Let WARN_ON/WARN_ON_ONCE return the conditionHerbert Xu1-16/+16
2006-06-27[PATCH] pi-futex: introduce WARN_ON_SMPIngo Molnar1-0/+6

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