tag namedrm-intel-next-2015-07-03 (3b2f43941342d9969ef7e1e35aa30a5fee001d7a)
tag date2015-07-03 15:53:27 +0200
tagged byDaniel Vetter <daniel.vetter@ffwll.ch>
tagged objectcommit a3d1d001c9...
- dsi improvements (Gaurav)
- bxt ddi dpll hw state readout (Imre) - chv dvfs support and overall wm improvements for both vlv and chv (Ville) - ppgtt polish from Mika and Michel - cdclk support for bxt (Bob Pauwe) - make frontbuffer tracking more precise - OLR removal (John Harrison) - per-ctx WA batch buffer support (Arun Siluvery) - remvoe KMS Kconfig option (Chris) - more hpd handling refactoring from Jani - use atomic states throughout modeset code and integrate with atomic plane update (Maarten)

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