tag namedrm-intel-next-2015-12-18 (ec82c2daa16e0c98e09aaab9ed363e978ab43e6a)
tag date2015-12-18 20:27:10 +0100
tagged byDaniel Vetter <daniel.vetter@ffwll.ch>
tagged objectcommit 7447a2b221...
- fix atomic watermark recomputation logic (Maarten)
- modeset sequence fixes for LPT (Ville) - more kbl enabling&prep work (Rodrigo, Wayne) - first bits for mst audio - page dirty tracking fixes from Dave Gordon - new get_eld hook from Takashi, also included in the sound tree - fixup cursor handling when placed at address 0 (Ville) - refactor VBT parsing code (Jani) - rpm wakelock debug infrastructure ( Imre) - fbdev is pinned again (Chris) - tune the busywait logic to avoid wasting cpu cycles (Chris)

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