tag namedrm-intel-next-2016-05-08 (8192a200f8928a95c5365503338b8b5a3385b213)
tag date2016-05-08 18:21:58 +0200
tagged byDaniel Vetter <daniel.vetter@ffwll.ch>
tagged objectcommit 2a55135c67...
- refactor stolen quirks to share code between early quirks and i915 (Joonas)
- refactor gem BO/vma funcstion (Tvrtko&Dave) - backlight over DPCD support (Yetunde Abedisi) - more dsi panel sequence support (Jani) - lots of refactoring around handling iomaps, vma, ring access and related topics culmulating in removing the duplicated request tracking in the execlist code (Chris & Tvrtko) includes a small patch for core iomapping code - hw state readout for bxt dsi (Ramalingam C) - cdclk cleanups (Ville) - dedupe chv pll code a bit (Ander) - enable semaphores on gen8+ for legacy submission, to be able to have a direct comparison against execlist on the same platform (Chris) Not meant to be used for anything else but performance tuning - lvds border bit hw state checker fix (Jani) - rpm vs. shrinker/oom-notifier fixes (Praveen Paneri) - l3 tuning (Imre) - revert mst dp audio, it's totally non-functional and crash-y (Lyude) - first official dmc for kbl (Rodrigo) - and tons of small things all over as usual

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