tag namedrm-intel-next-2016-05-22 (4af09bb56e10a159deac5d0d4845b58946bf180c)
tag date2016-05-22 18:23:46 +0200
tagged byDaniel Vetter <daniel.vetter@ffwll.ch>
tagged objectcommit 9cce44316a...
- cmd-parser support for direct reg->reg loads (Ken Graunke)
- better handle DP++ smart dongles (Ville) - bxt guc fw loading support (Nick Hoathe) - remove a bunch of struct typedefs from dpll code (Ander) - tons of small work all over to avoid casting between drm_device and the i915 dev struct (Tvrtko&Chris) - untangle request retiring from other operations, also fixes reset stat corner cases (Chris) - skl atomic watermark support from Matt Roper, yay! - various wm handling bugfixes from Ville - big pile of cdclck rework for bxt/skl (Ville) - CABC (Content Adaptive Brigthness Control) for dsi panels (Jani&Deepak M) - nonblocking atomic commits for plane-only updates (Maarten Lankhorst) - bunch of PSR fixes&improvements - untangle our map/pin/sg_iter code a bit (Dave Gordon)

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