tag namedrm-intel-next-2017-03-06 (748a6de94392f608754f5862020dda8a34411ee0)
tag date2017-03-06 08:36:25 +0100
tagged byDaniel Vetter <daniel.vetter@ffwll.ch>
tagged objectcommit 505b681539...
4 weeks worth of stuff since I was traveling&lazy:
- lspcon improvements (Imre) - proper atomic state for cdclk handling (Ville) - gpu reset improvements (Chris) - lots and lots of polish around fences, requests, waiting and everything related all over (both gem and modeset code), from Chris - atomic by default on gen5+ minus byt/bsw (Maarten did the patch to flip the default, really this is a massive joint team effort) - moar power domains, now 64bit (Ander) - big pile of in-kernel unit tests for various gem subsystems (Chris), including simple mock objects for i915 device and and the ggtt manager. - i915_gpu_info in debugfs, for taking a snapshot of the current gpu state. Same thing as i915_error_state, but useful if the kernel didn't notice something is stick. From Chris. - bxt dsi fixes (Umar Shankar) - bxt w/a updates (Jani) - no more struct_mutex for gem object unreference (Chris) - some execlist refactoring (Tvrtko) - color manager support for glk (Ander) - improve the power-well sync code to better take over from the firmware (Imre) - gem tracepoint polish (Tvrtko) - lots of glk fixes all around (Ander) - ctx switch improvements (Chris) - glk dsi support&fixes (Deepak M) - dsi fixes for vlv and clanups, lots of them (Hans de Goede) - switch to i915.ko types in lots of our internal modeset code (Ander) - byt/bsw atomic wm update code, yay (Ville)

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