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tag date2017-11-17 14:47:38 -0800
tagged byRodrigo Vivi <rodrigo.vivi@intel.com>
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More change sets for 4.16:
- Many improvements for selftests and other igt tests (Chris) - Forcewake with PUNIT->PMIC bus fixes and robustness (Hans) - Define an engine class for uABI (Tvrtko) - Context switch fixes and improvements (Chris) - GT powersavings and power gating simplification and fixes (Chris) - Other general driver clean-ups (Chris, Lucas, Ville) - Removing old, useless and/or bad workarounds (Chris, Oscar, Radhakrishna) - IPS, pipe config, etc in preparation for another Fast Boot attempt (Maarten) - OA perf fixes and support to Coffee Lake and Cannonlake (Lionel) - Fixes around GPU fault registers (Michel) - GEM Proxy (Tina) - Refactor of Geminilake and Cannonlake plane color handling (James) - Generalize transcoder loop (Mika Kahola) - New HW Workaround for Cannonlake and Geminilake (Rodrigo) - Resume GuC before using GEM (Chris) - Stolen Memory handling improvements (Ville) - Initialize entry in PPAT for older compilers (Chris) - Other fixes and robustness improvements on execbuf (Chris) - Improve logs of GEM_BUG_ON (Mika Kuoppala) - Rework with massive rename of GuC functions and files (Sagar) - Don't sanitize frame start delay if pipe is off (Ville) - Cannonlake clock fixes (Rodrigo) - Cannonlake HDMI 2.0 support (Rodrigo) - Add a GuC doorbells selftest (Michel) - Add might_sleep() check to our wait_for() (Chris) Many GVT changes for 4.16: - CSB HWSP update support (Weinan) - GVT debug helpers, dyndbg and debugfs (Chuanxiao, Shuo) - full virtualized opregion (Xiaolin) - VM health check for sane fallback (Fred) - workload submission code refactor for future enabling (Zhi) - Updated repo URL in MAINTAINERS (Zhenyu) - other many misc fixes -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQEcBAABAgAGBQJaD2cyAAoJEPpiX2QO6xPKuiEH/2/J7Ebf5IRZtaTU+ke2uOI4 2YCdrn9F1guz6d+cZtsLPkJ9JwQlz9EftfB7KT+9dT8viEG0FFna9bV+Xz3wyGQ6 DRlP9tCFnCDaOyZBI5QshubuzldabPpfscPJI7/EMr91jtveGhKIhsRzHBxKCEZF LKlAHtXAWSkTozmh6bU+wf5TEOFzYv2oquTVn5ZJrpYlqup/wEKh+KnL9eBQ3+Qp FLnmKjInaadOV/uXQfeWstJuohG/pfcNm68OmDOxYNmwpeNnwbtfKT9eZeDtDZDy dXj9mokeTwg4fBrXX/tyxuKogywxQSNFTqCU2yY9up+35ykmjVN8p/1BYi+GGe0= =ePes -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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