tag namedrm-intel-next-2017-12-14 (b083fb6d3b8de6f68ec03d42ca930bb7b67771c9)
tag date2017-12-14 12:10:45 -0800
tagged byRodrigo Vivi <rodrigo.vivi@intel.com>
tagged objectcommit ee5b5bf351...
- Fix documentation build issues (Randy, Markus)
- Fix timestamp frequency calculation for perf on CNL (Lionel) - New DMC firmware for Skylake (Anusha) - GTT flush fixes and other GGTT write track and refactors (Chris) - Taint kernel when GPU reset fails (Chris) - Display workarounds organization (Lucas) - GuC and HuC initialization clean-up and fixes (Michal) - Other fixes around GuC submission (Michal) - Execlist clean-ups like caching ELSP reg offset and improving log readability (Chri\ s) - Many other improvements on our logs and dumps (Chris) - Restore GT performance in headless mode with DMC loaded (Tvrtko) - Stop updating legacy fb parameters since FBC is not using anymore (Daniel) - More selftest improvements (Chris) - Preemption fixes and improvements (Chris) - x86/early-quirks improvements for Intel graphics stolen memory. (Joonas, Matthew) - Other improvements on Stolen Memory code to be resource centric. (Matthew) - Improvements and fixes on fence allocation/release (Chris). GVT: - fixes for two coverity scan errors (Colin) - mmio switch code refine (Changbin) - more virtual display dmabuf fixes (Tina/Gustavo) - misc cleanups (Pei) - VFIO mdev display dmabuf interface and gvt support (Tina) - VFIO mdev opregion support/fixes (Tina/Xiong/Chris) - workload scheduling optimization (Changbin) - preemption fix and temporal workaround (Zhenyu) - and misc fixes after refactor (Chris) -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQEcBAABAgAGBQJaMttwAAoJEPpiX2QO6xPK/sgH/3fydh/e++QHMgh4I3Gc18wp yxxXJLt5i/SldGpv0yTlq1jvZ68R2H5K9fyfeDMrZSszCpZceU5uQZjtSWLpSo8d N8nccZ1fEEBMyqvWPdL5tM+9z7YpbJJ0gXHYl1ONV5WttXQ2xsxo/fZTMRpTNpGF WyxGGqEg2eSkdwLlYNqKHB175ssQnxOOtBA6htaMMwyq12GpyztGB4Dy18fHswjL lqGqUMXuHBLEqI6t7MVa/LyHn1YpE6Q1VXhesBz7htGO0MYIFniI1KKjHRPX+OTC DXvzBIq6tMi7osJbCUFriu4F0Ko9h4iZOYJI1a9iwADoIIw6Y2xlzFidKd0Zp0I= =XwCl -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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