tag namedrm-intel-next-2018-06-20 (7a76dac1f9a27ba39131651fbbf87edcde5897df)
tag date2018-06-20 14:11:41 -0700
tagged byRodrigo Vivi <rodrigo.vivi@intel.com>
tagged objectcommit e1cacec9d5...
Chris is doing many reworks that allow us to get full-ppgtt supported
on all platforms back to HSW. As well many other fix and improvements, Including: - Use GEM suspend when aborting initialization (Chris) - Change i915_gem_fault to return vm_fault_t (Chris) - Expand VMA to Non gem object entities (Chris) - Improve logs for load failure, but quite logging on fault injection to avoid noise on CI (Chris) - Other page directory handling fixes and improvements for gen6 (Chris) - Other gtt clean-up removing redundancies and unused checks (Chris) - Reorder aliasing ppgtt fini (Chris) - Refactor of unsetting obg->mm.pages (Chris) - Apply batch location restrictions before pinning (Chris) - Ringbuffer fixes for context restore (Chris) - Execlist fixes on freeing error pointer on allocation error (Chris) - Make closing request flush mandatory (Chris) - Move GEM sanitize from resume_early to resume (Chris) - Improve debug dumps (Chris) - Silent compiler for selftest (Chris) - Other execlists changes to improve hangcheck and reset. - Many gtt page directory fixes and improvements (Chris) - Reorg context workarounds (Chris) - Avoid ERR_PTR dereference on selftest (Chris) Other GEM related work: - Stop trying to reset GPU if reset failed (Mika) - Add HW workaround for KBL to fix GPU reset (Mika) - Fix context ban and hang accounting for client (Mika) - Fixes on OA perf (Michel, Jani) - Refactor on GuC log mechanisms (Piotr) - Enable provoking vertex fix on Gen9 system (Kenneth) More ICL patches for Display enabling: - ICL - 10-bit support for HDMI (RK) - ICL - Start adding TBT PLL (Paulo) - ICL - DDI HDMK level selection (Manasi) - ICL - GMBUS GPIO pin mapping fix (Mahesh) - ICL - Adding DP_AUX_E support (James) - ICL - Display interrupts handling (DK) Other display fixes and improvements: - Fix sprite destination color keying on SKL+ (Ville) - Fixes and improvements on PCH detection, specially for non PCH systems (Jani) - Document PCH_NOP (Lucas) - Allow DBLSCAN user modes with eDP/LVDS/DSI (Ville) - Opregion and ACPI cleanup and organization (Jani) - Kill delays when activation psr (Rodrigo) - ...and a consequent fix of the psr activation flow (DK) - Fix HDMI infoframe setting (Imre) - Fix Display interrupts and modes on old gens (Ville) - Start switching to kernel unsigned int types (Jani) - Introduction to Amber Lake and Whiskey Lake platforms (Jose) - Audio clock fixes for HBR3 (RK) - Standardize i915_reg.h definitions according to our doc and checkpatch (Paulo) - Remove unused timespec_to_jiffies_timeout function (Arnd) - Increase the scope of PSR wake fix for other VBTs out there (Vathsala) - Improve debug msgs with prop name/id (Ville) - Other clean up on unecessary cursor size defines (Ville) - Enforce max hdisplay/hblank_start limits on HSW/BDW (Ville) - Make ELD pointers constant (Jani) - Fix for PSR VBT parse (Colin) - Add warn about unsupported CDCLK rates (Imre) -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQEcBAABAgAGBQJbKsMqAAoJEPpiX2QO6xPKI64H/0dHkMxw7/D83eODTJteDFBN h3tdBnLFlPfeG3ZWDeSs04/dM4e9YacMN7v53j1ia4eW/F1ms0TLcegcuPqYafTW H8fhwGB2B5gmr5hLfh5joQkxvaucQMFdg95fWRqir93VrKvVJAJEYNcaiGniejDf qqiZue6DgAzli0zjAprfbQsnJ17TyRtnxm8lLIcFcHPoayHBzAUBZQEP6cA5qe/Y /2ahGfkYOVVWY08DHaioDBOLUEUbxCC1AvMlv9VbtKmyPoQjTIW/1iTq0RRxDoGb BwfDvigSiFAmpYEfVENB0qUd9e/0WhMboSnMrfzEcF2yUn4xoJx5nbmkRFkr1jI= =mfO6 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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