tag namedrm-intel-next-2018-07-09 (23934e3e34af26990c1528831f3c40313542a49d)
tag date2018-07-09 15:40:21 -0700
tagged byRodrigo Vivi <rodrigo.vivi@intel.com>
tagged objectcommit 82edc7e8b8...
Higlights here goes to many PSR fixes and improvements; to the Ice lake work with
power well support and begin of DSI support addition. Also there were many improvements on execlists and interrupts for minimal latency on command submission; and many fixes on selftests, mostly caught by our CI. General driver: - Clean-up on aux irq (Lucas) - Mark expected switch fall-through for dealing with static analysis tools (Gustavo) Gem: - Different fixes for GuC (Chris, Anusha, Michal) - Avoid self-relocation BIAS if no relocation (Chris) - Improve debugging cases in on EINVAL return and vma allocation (Chris) - Fixes and improvements on context destroying and freeing (Chris) - Wait for engines to idle before retiring (Chris) - Many improvements on execlists and interrupts for minimal latency on command submission (Chris) - Many fixes in selftests, specially on cases highlighted on CI (Chris) - Other fixes and improvements around GGTT (Chris) - Prevent background reaping of active objects (Chris) Display: - Parallel modeset cleanup to fix driver reset (Chris) - Get AUX power domain for DP main link (Imre) - Clean-up on PSR unused func pointers (Rodrigo) - Many PSR/PSR2 fixes and improvements (DK, Jose, Tarun) - Add a PSR1 live status (Vathsala) - Replace old drm_*_{un/reference} with put,get functions (Thomas) - FBC fixes (Maarten) - Abstract and document the usage of picking macros (Jani) - Remove unnecessary check for unsupported modifiers for NV12. (DK) - Interrupt fixes for display (Ville) - Clean up on sdvo code (Ville) - Clean up on current DSI code (Jani) - Remove support for legacy debugfs crc interface (Maarten) - Simplify get_encoder_power_domains (Imre) Icelake: - MG PLL fixes (Imre) - Add hw workaround for alpha blending (Vandita) - Add power well support (Imre) - Add Interrupt Support (Anusha) - Start to add support for DSI on Ice Lake (Madhav) -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQEcBAABAgAGBQJbQ+ShAAoJEPpiX2QO6xPKas0H/igf9RFubtkMK7gHTef4FM+d Bg+Qaq+O1vXlS/gidimL4NsVp1FxkejuCab0IffbTMvvjY0mv5NUA3kiIreAB0QZ XO2hXr4fjjOINAQrdv5wiVMOqRjDws+fPgFFgZ8s5h1aJbofO27fjY/1MNtHwcA0 8VgtABpk+D3mkWvI8VTL0jCjYk2KocEvqUciz/Y7SQcPGV1iYFXqgBt5PR//rSvP DU3u4R3KJGLDFbQwbe3uz2GxMfodAI6ijrqFeiizNSVqZORdTwnWlzKi6b6Cj9gl SuleZacHPfv/+Ia7jmbmBqJEqi2GiAs948ne8QWL5/hsB9MMFO/UzwX/wYLNrP4= =w6zC -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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