tag namegpio-v4.10-1 (14adb632bf04e9dbe3eb12f635a4e7938d3842bd)
tag date2016-12-12 10:35:31 +0100
tagged byLinus Walleij <linus.walleij@linaro.org>
tagged objectcommit acf1fcf772...
Bulk GPIO changes for the v4.10 kernel cycle:
Core changes: - Simplify threaded interrupt handling: instead of passing numbed parameters to gpiochip_irqchip_add_chained() we create a new call: gpiochip_irqchip_add_nested() so the two types are clearly semantically different. Also make sure that all nested chips call gpiochip_set_nested_irqchip() which is necessary for IRQ resend to work properly if it happens. - Return error on seek operations for the chardev. - Clamp values set as part of gpio[d]_direction_output() so that anything != 0 will be send down to the driver as "1" not the value passed in. - ACPI can now support naming of GPIO lines, hogs and holes in the GPIO lists. New drivers: - The SX150x driver was deemed unfit for the GPIO subsystem and was moved over to a combined GPIO+pinctrl driver in the pinctrl subsystem. New features: - Various cleanups to various drivers. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIcBAABAgAGBQJYTnG4AAoJEEEQszewGV1zbbsQAIxxsAobyQDnBaWyAJtVP33R mzoR5iBuWrN02rvWmYw8k3euj+2pH2Mxnl0FeezRQ5KomNLKeOghWM4VuMLPE+Mf hz/twZvMH3biTxWDzP5C6xsmqiCZbvqnHo0dClgGOphxwcxtRJd7nCVGssqBSVJ+ FNoTvWhyEbF49fF1tPpKXSsjdYNNO8k119hu7QxwGQBde6zy2QbZd9fAZdjLGk1N nzn7Jah895nX95rUx37wwp2H8O6G3+ns1/uLzfnJRJ37+wWCxrr9Xx1peOErxpG9 dwYYI3aNwR1/xYdMjAhJGDNqK7Jjt2w4c8vku/H5JDRoARCSfdFiTTvVBvEvU/Mq IQCMW8D0/cCp6wFGrjyX7lzrfZMh5byWeVID6GKi1wDUop+ed/MX7Et1fFKRuDPC s0FXE3onW9BJlT0zUANrt9fQRK+54g8VsUlHmZX1cu0VNCkCb51lqnc6WE5AMeqH 1t2bB5U96pcebNKe0yJsOj2JdvBL/EEZVuJua5fEMIdwmEidZqthBV+rMqAfJhza t4G86q8qcyo98EgPVwVYILOOiOhXjk90SERh7MN/tiHmGVzJvoBmlQ+TYAxCTjFh X7s4DLGZWyT5duDBodZvkIqoz/yYNF6mPfyCok18yQkz/a0Zptr1dIxN1Vu3A8yl CEUfW/uTUtpTmmJd7jqI =2UpT -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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