tag namegpio-v4.13-1 (65b69a94f4130143bfb8d4e995b875ae35d993f3)
tag date2017-07-07 11:04:03 +0200
tagged byLinus Walleij <linus.walleij@linaro.org>
tagged objectcommit 413058df43...
This is the bulk of GPIO changes for the v4.13 series:
Core: - Export add/remove for lookup tables so that modules can export GPIO descriptor tables. - Handle GPIO sleep states: it is now possible to flag that a GPIO line may loose its state during suspend/resume of the system to save power. This is used in the Wolfson Micro Arizona driver. - ACPI-based GPIO was tightened up a lot around the edges. - Use bitmap_fill() to speed up a loop. New drivers: - Exar XRA1403 SPI-based GPIO. - MVEBU driver now supports Armada 7K and 8K. - LP87565 PMIC GPIO. - Renesas R-CAR R8A7743 (RZ/G1M). - The new IOT2040 8250 serial/GPIO also comes in through this changeset. Substantial driver changes: - Seriously fix the Exar 8250 GPIO portions to work. - The MCP23S08 was moved out to a pin control driver. - Convert MEVEBU to use regmap for register access. - Drop Vulcan support from the Broadcom driver. - Serious cleanup and improvement of the mockup driver, giving us a better test coverage. Misc: - Lots of janitorial clean up. - A bunch of documentation fixes. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIcBAABAgAGBQJZX1MjAAoJEEEQszewGV1zEYUQALFsjJH7D2mRN4TSSEeVAcYr Uz52uupsou8tgW0IupRb/khO+V6zgd7j+kHDJLMxX+rCTw3pTq5+XGyi5+iNpxof TIIT1XBx4eq7Q/n4nWdGodHbHN9BXw7cGsNmTb1TS/G/6h1wOKxfzjvUNhDAC+2v idPy6B5G+WrDsYpBtTWlKHKQKVqbUlhLFyJYoglzqIeM5L9Ry/UoZ6sGleho3hKn Vlg/hMtkCexnVO9zopBe5CuEfseLrkcCgCvtQ713egzVXApryp4hqm3Xti20Ntgy OxnKhmVyloqd0kU0qLSpvDAf7B1invbHHbeZsag6wluTMrxgUYJONuonrqGeGiwB FBDtw9SGn2GlEXcs7sg8ANmAyr2XxxezKXD9XLBL5jadNB2KCY5yKMv1IK3VnYdq gEpFAiZ5cmlpZxIXqlyeZP6LKHNTci4amb33x1I/ghH2BTkGQ/3E3anXEbPNWF8G DDE6nrSgU0oQcNqRHyZaWNZpUIz4aFUgJtOEO4lYYP4+VzYSKTdrHseTiiJ91J7E WBz9p5JvSnB22+60RhyTAPjVjXgWa30nidf7WGCK0UHiIYffihCxGZRTlrhoEEUB fXgveJpqxLopYvxpUxi1OqlPYYo7zKRF5BzHsjKMpdVYXfdMdvs7eq2g/X889i1D WpbE9LyAH9FY5BM8YjFX =TpW1 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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