tag namegpio-v4.14-1 (02274eca3e4f2edc44d13ceea937be0afd3e716d)
tag date2017-09-05 10:19:14 +0200
tagged byLinus Walleij <linus.walleij@linaro.org>
tagged objectcommit 02b6bddb0b...
This is the bulk of the GPIO changes for the v4.14 cycle:
Core changes - Allow the GPIO irqchip to allocate IRQs dynamically. This is an important change on systems where only a restricted number of IRQs, lesser than the number of GPIO lines, can be utilized. Now we can allocate these on a first-come-first-served basis instead of hogging up valuable IRQ lines. - Serious fix-up of the kerneldoc documentation and inclusion into the kerneldoc builds. - Pulled in the IRQ simulator from the IRQ core tree and use this in the GPIO mockup driver for exhaustive testing of interrupt abilities. New drivers - New driver for ThunderX and OCTEON-TX. This is especially interesting as it picks up improvements from the IRQ core that allow us to handle fasteoi ACKs upwards in a hierarchy when there are IRQ flag latches on several levels in a hierarchy. Very interesting work here. - New subdriver for Renesas R-Car r8a7745 (RZ/G1E). Misc - Several fixes and improvements for Xilinx Zynq GPIO. - Support an enablement GPIO for the 74x164 GPIO. - Switch a bunch of chips to use devres to allocate irq descriptors. - A bunch of constification fixes. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIcBAABAgAGBQJZrmRvAAoJEEEQszewGV1zFd8P/0wwsPFfCY5tjqMwYcu2VIzA ZEPlN/Z14Xr/JC7X5N18qWaZSdqAP94do8fn1Utqr6mEOY71BAAmt1dRH3M651nz dyAnb5s8IlnFNrv2C3ksG4ArQP72y3uag7b/9fcDPSFBjQKHXP9zI5qhvxJI8XFY iesWkwkQayDzbKvm/bFWugclYjSNZCwtzGn2OD0zhh8vKchQBEdLYuiV06iEuvh4 dkfpH5UhingJ0gMgMj3VLXvnaSPOQy321mnnF8cmHIwelZR8ij3JPQzirKB/cvTe fj/INc9/gXFOepFcEaQcWwspeXOXCjOajqfCyeLKLigj44E7pbv4HeTLJmQtCWv/ fBlHnzjEJG7zZi8JOuKeMwMSc/6GPHBhlmZ4GjpMtIeNXQ8V2oosLbvSd5/whtPg u9QuDDeTJwjm1HY3kBNa50BKYrAAKIATHxnYAlGrDTf/9ea5Ld7AT/IfeGHS2AQR nV6I0byRYCxEVZUTPeYOMoHDNGgVgA9VPAhUUjLj6r6Kx2bS4Pn7KNvSNx24SQTU wP+rWDXRNJzIMr9+sWj3yAksYZPQSpV2+y/VizeHZA7ssv3ZzqKzfWPARhQy/ypF GN72LObdxaW01GjN9bJ8x4KxBj+tIo2lLXYIK5TdKZy+LRxnsbCK6JGa5gFxopQh 325SOqkLlhaS2P6A2nHC =TYNw -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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