tag namegpio-v4.7-3 (f012616fdd0dfed93fb2e49a11632534b56bd39e)
tag date2016-06-12 01:35:32 +0200
tagged byLinus Walleij <linus.walleij@linaro.org>
tagged objectcommit b66b2a0adf...
GPIO fixes for the v4.7 series:
- Fix a NULL pointer dereference when we are searching the GPIO device list but one of the devices have been removed (struct gpio_chip pointer is NULL). - Fix unaligned reference counters: we were ending on +3 after all said and done. It should be 0. Remove an extraneous get_device(), and call cdev_del() followed by device_del() in gpiochip_remove() instead and the count goes to zero and calls the release() function properly. - Fix a compile warning due to a missing #include in the OF/device tree portions. - Select ANON_INODES for GPIOLIB, we're using that for our character device. Some randconfig tests disclosed the problem. - Make sure the Zynq driver clock runs also without CONFIG_PM enabled - Fix an off-by-one error in the 104-DIO-48E driver - Fix warnings in bcm_kona_gpio_reset() -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJXXKHgAAoJEEEQszewGV1zELIP/0puBntMtTmu1RP7WI1NisWd XMMpE+Qn+FSzgZD+zg5UOjovYOJBUB8FDAcj/WWypXxjGWlouOJhf/EIluLnZCsX T/L+kKcXtzU0e97eyw0TCwo/EjpZXHV9d1jxJqYmkJyhK5C2MLQ0a4pLXVIk2Tov q4t9CDOq1rH/SzWFPSDyk1PBdN031U6Z5ASQyvMAqYG/X/aTJE/5btIeif51xKzV QpU/5YBRAmstSsRqPXYJt6p82Voozd03h0Kyc4QVwhhYo0+QtVQ22Tr6RRrGWD20 vaPHLvFIO3lfVVlZrvjzwbFB4ffQRGSnUWYlSmEMp2O2DxahfC0Q2U6Sj2phDGKM IxvkGHYvJypXtl9qQtzK2mRgvNOitGhRobvWx/+kGbBGEvWHvr8YwgsPDX+96ydJ x01OR2tSmoPYQmaOP87sKuDTV0cYuGsnGJxEPR9A7RHg4fAuK1NoOLG3d/xcx5Az klNpHAwQHDfq/H69OChhorIvXNNFW09MQI1wyd9NPhiJpS030J/HkFxy3x6Ne6km jkmnjcDCtdq4PrPHkZkoUJar3v0cQIjAP73kK9IR3MRiZgEbc5a3bAulYXUdLQNj 9YHHFdzMcvXPcjKEU28vU9cIN2j8jMfr7B0q5awwensZGou0rLcQ41b631n5B+Bp 1SsubtXxLckRwPrYMVLd =EaGr -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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