tag namegpio-v4.8-1 (0d96a249e66d201d99605f0a9db613f9444c94d3)
tag date2016-07-25 09:51:11 +0200
tagged byLinus Walleij <linus.walleij@linaro.org>
tagged objectcommit 224f9e6d53...
This is the bulk of GPIO changes for the v4.8 kernel cycle.
Core changes: - The big item is of course the completion of the character device ABI. It has now replaced and surpassed the former unmaintainable sysfs ABI: we can now hammer (bitbang) individual lines or sets of lines and read individual lines or sets of lines from userspace, and we can also register to listen to GPIO events from userspace. As a tie-in we have two new tools in tools/gpio: gpio-hammer and gpio-event-mon that illustrate the proper use of the new ABI. As someone said: the wild west days of GPIO are now over. - Continued to remove the pointless ARCH_[WANT_OPTIONAL|REQUIRE]_GPIOLIB Kconfig symbols. I'm patching hexagon, openrisc, powerpc, sh, unicore, ia64 and microblaze. These are either ACKed by their maintainers or patched anyways after a grace period and no response from maintainers. Some archs (ARM) come in from their trees, and others (x86) are still not fixed, so I might send a second pull request to root it out later in this merge window, or just defer to v4.9. - The GPIO tools are moved to the tools build system. New drivers: - New driver for the MAX77620/MAX20024. - New driver for the Intel Merrifield. - Enabled PCA953x for the TI PCA9536. - Enabled PCA953x for the Intel Edison. - Enabled R8A7792 in the RCAR driver. Driver improvements: - The STMPE and F7188x now supports the .get_direction() callback. - The Xilinx driver supports setting multiple lines at once. - ACPI support for the Vulcan GPIO controller. - The MMIO GPIO driver supports device tree probing. - The Acer One 10 is supported through the _DEP ACPI attribute. Cleanups: - A major cleanup of the OF/DT support code. It is way easier to read and understand now, probably this improves performance too. - Drop a few redundant .owner assignments. - Remove CLPS711x boardfile support: we are 100% DT. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJXlcT4AAoJEEEQszewGV1zACwQAK5SZr0F5c3QvYbJSiJBCGA7 MZKUYHnYoBpZaPKcFKoOXEM1WOvlABlh9U0y0xkL8gQ6giyKup1wYJJCuYgW29gL ny4r7Z8rs2Wm1ujL+FLAwuxIwCY3BnhUucp8YiSaHPBuKRfsHorFPvXiAgLZjNYC Qk3Q48xYW4inw9sy2BbMfsU3CZnkvgy5euooyy1ezwachRhuHdBy/MVCG012PC4s 0d6LGdByEx1uK4NeV7ssPys444M8unep2EWgy6Rvc1U+FmGA487EvL+X8nxTQTj3 uTMxA8nddmZTEeEIqhpRw/dPiFlWxPFwfWmNEre05gKLb/LUK2tgsUOnmIFgVUw/ t41IzdQNLQQZxmiXplZn6s5mAr2VNuTxkRq1CIl4SwQW+Uy4TU3q8aDPkKzsyhiR yw6o6ul0pQs8UZEggnht8ie6JiSnJ55ehI/nlRxpK/797Ff6Yp4FARs3ZtFnQDDu SWewnbRatZQ89lvy4BA7QCWeV4Scjk4k/e2HjUAFnkfMDaYqpi4vTdzwnWdVjd+F hMgu6VnkN3oSE7ZMrKJMh7b7h1uMnIwKBFWbkrlOEuhT1X0ZDsEOBv5juSBPYomN EOIJUyWqxn0ZfxeONbdbCPteYlfJF+TW/rE9LQMxS1nNwsqw2IQW6NCmrM9Nx6Fv FP++26nYMTSh82gwOYw3 =NwcK -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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