tag namegpio-v4.8-2 (739cf89f865faca99c7120443d6c42101c4df206)
tag date2016-08-22 10:33:24 +0200
tagged byLinus Walleij <linus.walleij@linaro.org>
tagged objectcommit 048c28c91e...
GPIO fixes for v4.8:
This fixes a Kconfig issue with UM: when I made GPIOLIB available to all archs, that included UM, but the OF part of GPIOLIB requires HAS_IOMEM, so we add HAS_IOMEM as a dependency to OF_GPIO. This in turn exposed the fact that a few GPIO drivers were implicitly assuming OF_GPIO as their dependency but instead depended on OF alone (the typical problem being a pointer inside gpio_chip not existing unless OF_GPIO is selected) and then UM would fail to compile with these drivers instead. Then I lost patience and made any GPIO driver depending on just OF depend on OF_GPIO instead, that is certainly what they meant and the only thing that makes sense anyway. GPIO with just OF but !OF_GPIO does not make sense. Also a fix for the max730x driver data pointer, and a minor comment fix for the GPIO tools. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJXurpEAAoJEEEQszewGV1zOEgP/2I4hI8eojOeMC7U89EWl3HG 0sa3NGw8c+Vrdh37NDZsia24mQs2ntixFFW/sHYSkTJcTXSDD+QeN0IilnRKOmvw XRIJakdZy9+903crZ8GP2SU0juSNjUyVf7eq83M4DEVeu/lmUOgrlc12CqR7eUxR NnJdx8l8H7LZQXJO+F64SLFmc2P+wmWSWZtYHP4Jt3fwlEBRbHqcSB70P67IIOdM LvhVB4TcOoYwALzyqY2wrQtfQ37wmfUYTuT7Mnw5PHPk7FhktwrObHdMdENusHCn 0BanmpCGqCZ0z9vWisaVWd+j8k1M3X0ObsTfyGmO+YVmYxdneNCjZdaFvH3LqCBL k6kcKFKfIu9sl3qFZr/3jHpN4QgZeLhdu3P3gllNtiLcPba7d2gDprjGiCCMtw6c 5nYmfN1bTqWB7a2wlRZLMUE57lvsgLJtJ2dNx6HwcUyBLY7YDB5IVYh40fRwpEvH 5gs6NuBDEJOGbEAYZ1lvo9LfRlogHUlYkkw+/G2FKOUCscf4Os2qEaLkirCPAaP/ q4tkZPWxjt27Hw0bvANCVG5wkAJfbsX12iQMd8KU9RKwAFw6Q2e2iPGzH3M5Tdaw T35uYiWrPA6S+gLBMuT5UhUfQ5o+sc2zFi3Qq3aak86GAQYwSYTaoWHN/7EbpDZ/ cssmpMpfL7hPYCzAo6sv =isIb -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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