tag namegpio-v5.1-1 (4603073e36f2ececb684f2412c8df6fbc8883044)
tag date2019-03-05 09:03:08 +0100
tagged byLinus Walleij <linus.walleij@linaro.org>
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This is the bulk of GPIO changes for the v5.1 cycle:
Core changes: - The big change this time around is the irqchip handling in the qualcomm pin controllers, closely coupled with the gpiochip. This rework, in a classic fall-between-the-chairs fashion has been sidestepped for too long. The Qualcomm IRQchips using the SPMI and SSBI transport mechanisms have been rewritten to use hierarchical irqchip. This creates the base from which I intend to gradually pull support for hierarchical irqchips into the gpiolib irqchip helpers to cut down on duplicate code. We have too many hacks in the kernel because people have been working around the missing hierarchical irqchip for years, and once it was there, noone understood it for a while. We are now slowly adapting to using it. This is why this pull requests include changes to MFD, SPMI, IRQchip core and some ARM Device Trees pertaining to the Qualcomm chip family. Since Qualcomm have so many chips and such large deployments it is paramount that this platform gets this right, and now it (hopefully) does. - Core support for pull-up and pull-down configuration, also from the device tree. When a simple GPIO chip support a "off or on" pull-up or pull-down resistor, we provide a way to set this up using machine descriptors or device tree. If more elaborate control of pull up/down (such as resistance shunt setting) is required, drivers should be phased over to use pin control. We do not yet provide a userspace ABI for this pull up-down setting but I suspect the makers are going to ask for it soon enough. PCA953x is the first user of this new API. - The GPIO mockup driver has been revamped after some discussion improving the IRQ simulator in the process. The idea is to make it possible to use the mockup for both testing and virtual prototyping, e.g. when you do not yet have a GPIO expander to play with but really want to get something to develop code around before hardware is available. It's neat. The blackbox testing usecase is currently making its way into kernelci. - ACPI GPIO core preserves non direction flags when updating flags. - A new device core helper for devm_platform_ioremap_resource() is funneled through the GPIO tree with Greg's ACK. New drivers: - TQ-Systems QTMX86 GPIO controllers (using port-mapped I/O) - Gateworks PLD GPIO driver (vaccumed up from OpenWrt) - AMD G-Series PCH (Platform Controller Hub) GPIO driver. - Fintek F81804 & F81966 subvariants. - PCA953x now supports NXP PCAL6416. Driver improvements: - IRQ support on the Nintendo Wii (Hollywood) GPIO. - get_direction() support for the MVEBU driver. - Set the right output level on SAMA5D2. - Drop the unused irq trigger setting on the Spreadtrum driver. - Wakeup support for PCA953x. - A slew of cleanups in the various Intel drivers. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIcBAABAgAGBQJcfkEqAAoJEEEQszewGV1z4A4P/2geou8XKI2S7nIfUtkBQMHp cb870G1ueb4fdPLEkU3MMFFVPEcEgf1wBhe4Pe+F+LZR3/GMm+JNjbiNetaMBCiy TI5QWU/tMN3Ksbfjqn5rk46fln8wIWm0IMNFTK42ENvVojkTC3LRfMCkmGNUnrGW xOKTsPA5hcZ9VfY20IVWyvLw+0UKNFWNPqBaEGsBYs7eoBik/jII7Cw4dtEE8ALI U5neOCyh/oD74P9vuXhQ7Ybd6X4TXb4U8EpVVXAa3QfjZNygE+Vtcz/eMr2LpRSa D2fpMVr16BnlFZFAusSsG2R6SMz6w4X4Bt74v0KOpmjxREYXyOH0gr48m7xFucp/ v2iH/5Fau2bQ3bvmBYj+kJi6swFMky7yiCCajCey77gPg29JNu8y2yJZWzyrsae2 WXghSCL4xgW9L76pCklHqjBXr5fZna+OZTMn6YxQx3KxaZr1Jj7r74N8GXuw4er6 p7JLgxOJHK1uDgDDuvJgdMc3Hpyr03X0V4Vro76btBHgelicrwz7bO2nTDrnZS/T CrA38VevII92UlPHVXWbhEoSxahIcgqNSpduq7zeEQKC2Jp1NDiUm/hDeHHvp4rI JsA1xvzElcN0S+b+ndRm6YzhWBr/9j3SwprlYXGHbnH3HYPPAQeMlTrnWQdMPRxi 9mJJX7izX3iBHMo7nQeZ =S4iC -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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