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Prepare for 1.16.0 releasev4l-utils-1.16.0
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+Alexandre Courbot (1):
+ v4l2-compliance/v4l2-test-formats: fix typo
+Gregor Jasny (5):
+ buildsystem: Start v4l-utils 1.15.0 development cycle
+ libdvbv5: re-add dvb_dev_seek_by_sysname symbol for SONAME compatibility
+ cec-compliance: Fix typo
+ ir-keytable: fix spelling-error-in-manpage
+ qvidcap: Depend on qtgl, not just qt
+ buildsystem: Add all required files to dist target
+Hans Verkuil (247):
+ cec-ctl: print number of lost messages
+ cec-ctl: fix bit period calculations in the logging
+ cec-ctl: improve handling of incorrect bit periods & EOM
+ cec-ctl: improve low drive detection, use 'warn:'
+ cec-ctl: add options to show logical addresses
+ v4l2-ctl/compliance: fix QUERYCTRL compat code for strings
+ v4l2-compliance: fix vivid test failure
+ v4l2-ctl: add support for several VIDIOC_SUBDEV_ ioctls
+ v4l2-ctl: add support for SUBDEV_S_FMT/SELECTION
+ v4l2-ctl: added --try-subdev-fmt/selection
+ v4l2-ctl: add support for SUBDEV_G/S_FRAME_INTERVAL
+ v4l2-ctl: mention that --set-subdev-fps is for testing only
+ v4l2-ctl: add the missing --help-subdev to the usage
+ v4l2-ctl: show media/entity info if available
+ v4l2-compliance: remove confusing "not using libv4l2" message
+ rds-ctl: drop pointless wrapper library support
+ (c)v4l-helpers: add v4l-subdev support
+ v4l2-compliance: add initial support for v4l-subdevX devices
+ v4l2-ctl: add --help-subdev to manual page
+ v4l2-compliance: add --touch-device and --subdev-device to the manpage
+ v4l2-compliance: test VIDIOC_SUBDEV_ENUM_MBUS_CODE
+ (c)v4l-helpers: add media support.
+ v4l2-compliance: add initial support for testing the MC
+ v4l2-compliance: store entity/pad/link data in node
+ v4l2-compliance: do the subdev tests for all pads
+ v4l2-compliance: added tests for SUBDEV_ENUM_FRAME_SIZE/INTERVAL
+ v4l2-compliance: more VIDIOC_SUBDEV_ENUM_ tests
+ v4l2-compliance: add subdev tests for G/S_EDID and DV_TIMINGS_CAP
+ v4l2-compliance: add VIDIOC_SUBDEV_G/S_FRAME_INTERVAL tests
+ v4l2-compliance: add VIDIOC_SUBDEV_G/S_FMT tests
+ v4l2-compliance: add tests for VIDIOC_SUBDEV_G/S_SELECTION
+ v4l2-compliance: add VIDIOC_SUBDEV_G/S_CROP tests
+ v4l2-compliance: add subdev G/S/ENUM/QUERY_DV_TIMINGS tests
+ v4l2-compliance: add tests for MEDIA_IOC_ENUM_ENTITIES
+ v4l2-compliance: add tests for MEDIA_IOC_ENUM_LINKS
+ v4l2-compliance: improve MEDIA_IOC_ENUM_LINKS tests
+ v4l2-compliance: initial MEDIA_IOC_G_TOPOLOGY test
+ v4l2-compliance: more reserved checks
+ v4l2-compliance: add MEDIA_IOC_SETUP_LINK test
+ v4l2-compliance: improve MEDIA_IOC_SETUP_LINK test
+ v4l2-compliance: verify the topology
+ v4l2-compliance: verify the topology for pads and links
+ cec-ctl: add new --wait-for-msgs option
+ v4l2-ctl/v4l2-compliance: reuse media info code
+ v4l2-ctl/v4l2-compliance: reuse v4l2 info code
+ v4l2-info: move flag/type descriptions here
+ v4l2-ctl/v4l2-compliance: delete softlinks
+ cec: renamed cec-common to cec-info
+ v4l2-compliance: refactor device handling
+ v4l2-info: move mi_is_subdevice() to v4l2-info.cpp
+ v4l2-compliance: move the main test code into a separate function
+ v4l2-compliance/v4l2-ctl: more device detection improvements
+ v4l2-compliance: add -M option to test all /dev/mediaX interfaces
+ v4l2-compliance: improve G/S_EDID test
+ v4l2-compliance: improve pad flags tests
+ v4l2-compliance: add type/function/intf_type checks
+ v4l2-ctl: improve the fps calculation when streaming
+ v4l2-compliance: fix subdev EDID check
+ media-info: use .c_str for ifstream constructor
+ v4l2-compliance: improve VIDIOC_SUBDEV_S_FMT test
+ v4l2-compliance: the v2_entities_set test requires G_TOPOLOGY
+ v4l2-compliance: improve media_version test
+ v4l2-compliance: test media information
+ v4l-utils: add SPDX license tags
+ v4l2-compliance: more stringent type/function tests
+ v4l2-compliance: if -v then show MC object info
+ v4l2-compliance: improve media info test
+ v4l2-compliance: clearly separate the -M device tests
+ v4l2-compliance: show object counts after MEDIA_IOC_G_TOPOLOGY
+ v4l2-compliance: don't rely on node->topology
+ v4l2-compliance: show entity functions and interface types
+ v4l2-compliance: switch id and name order for entities
+ v4l2-compliance: -m walks all ifaces, -M only the media device
+ v4l2-compliance: show entity type when verbose
+ v4l2-compliance: improve checkFunction
+ v4l2-compliance: add extra initial \n for error messages
+ v4l2-compliance: improve checkFunction
+ v4l2-compliance: check that G_DV_TIMINGS matches S_DV_TIMINGS
+ v4l2-compliance: test if changing timings changes formats
+ v4l2-compliance: also test for width/height > 1.5 * timings
+ media-info: don't add 'FAIL'/'WARNING' if is_invalid == NULL
+ v4l2-compliance: test struct media_links_enum reserved field
+ cec-ctl: improve the low drive max length check
+ v4l2-ctl/compliance: update Android.mk
+ v4l2-ctl: improve logging for --stream-mmap --verbose
+ v4l2-compliance: ignore colorspace tests for passthu subdevs
+ v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
+ v4l2-compliance: improve frameinterval tests, fix sel tests
+ v4l2-compliance: relax g/s_parm type check
+ v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
+ media-info: add MEDIA_ENT_F_DTV_DECODER support
+ v4l2-compliance: VIDIOC_S_EDID and invalid pointers
+ v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
+ cec-ctl: honor -w option for pin timestamps
+ cec-ctl: ACK vs NACK was inverted for broadcast msgs
+ cec-follower: add -w option
+ cec: improve usage messages
+ v4l2-ctl/compliance: improve usage messages
+ rds-ctl: improve usage messages
+ v4l2-dbg: improve usage messages
+ v4l2-ctl/compliance: improve parsing of optional arguments
+ cec-follower/compliance: improve parsing of optional arguments
+ cec-ctl: show in the usage message if an op is bcast
+ cec-compliance: don't poll, just send Image View On
+ cec-ctl: monitor_pin: parse message payload
+ cec-ctl: s/warn/info/ for 'start bit: low time too short'
+ cec-ctl: improve handling of dropped events
+ cec-ctl: improve analysis while waiting for start bit
+ cec-compliance: remove outdated comment
+ cec-ctl: add warning against using --monitor-pin when configured
+ v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
+ cec-info: LA 9 is a recording device, not a playback device
+ libv4lconvert: fix compiler warning
+ cec-ctl: skip warning if -s option was used.
+ v4l2-compliance: show SHA first, minor fix in 'Unknown argument'
+ v4l2-ctl: fix event argument handling
+ cec-compliance: improve standby_resume_active_source_nowake
+ v4l-utils: sync with media master branch
+ cec-ctl: better --custom-command usage message
+ v4l2-compliance: test stream locking
+ v4l2-compliance: improve s_parm test
+ cec-compliance: add --skip-info option
+ qv4l2: fix segfault
+ v4l2-compliance: check reserved array for g/s_parm
+ v4l2-compliance: add --exit-on-fail/warn options
+ cec-compliance: add --exit-on-fail/warn options
+ v4l2-compliance: fix logic bug in testParm
+ cec-ctl: the osd name of the adapter was never shown
+ cec: move vendor2s to cec-info.cpp
+ cec-ctl: don't show topology if there are no LAs
+ cec-compliance: document -s option in manpage
+ cec-compliance: improve tx_status checks
+ cec-compliance: add tests for Wake up TV on Image/Text View On
+ v4l2-compliance: allow entities without pads
+ cec-info: add NEC vendor ID
+ cec-ctl: show printable characters when logging the msg payload
+ v4l2-compliance: make media topology easier to read
+ v4l2-compliance: add missing ( in string
+ media-info: add new helper functions
+ v4l2-compliance: show device paths
+ v4l2-compliance: enable 'reserved' checks for media
+ v4l2-ctl: add --stream-to/from-hdr options
+ cec-compliance: add warning if a standby was ignored
+ v4l2-compliance: remove wrong test
+ (c)v4l-helpers: add s_fd() functions, improve g/s_trace
+ v4l2-ctl: use cv4l-helpers.h to open/close the devices
+ v4l2-ctl: add short-cut options -X and -x for --get/set-fmt-video-out
+ v4l2-ctl: use cv4l-helpers for list-buffers
+ cv4l-helpers: add querybuf without index arg
+ v4l2-ctl.h: add cv4l_disable_trace
+ (c)v4l-helpers: fix v4l_queue_export_bufs()
+ v4l2-ctl-streaming.cpp: use cv4l-helpers.h
+ v4l2-ctl: do_setup_out_buffers() didn't set bytesused
+ cec-compliance: send ACTIVE_SOURCE after IMAGE/TEXT_VIEW_ON
+ v4l2-ctl: fix streaming of m2m codec device
+ v4l2-ctl: fix wrong G_FMT type
+ v4l2-ctl: add sanity check for --stream-from-hdr
+ cec utils: -w implies -v
+ v4l2-ctl: fix stupid bug in control enumeration
+ v4l-helpers.h: fix direct initialization for subdev/media
+ cv4l-helpers: add assignment operator
+ v4l-helpers: set fd to -1 after close.
+ v4l2-compliance: use correct buf type for export_bufs
+ cec-ctl: improve print_bytes()
+ v4l2-ctl: if V4L2_CTRL_FLAG_UPDATE is set, use G/S_EXT_CTRLS
+ v4l2-compliance: check that entity names are unique
+ v4l-helpers.h: set fd to -1 in v4l_wrap_close()
+ v4l2-compliance: improve the output of unknown legacy types
+ v4l2-compliance: show data link flags
+ media-info: various improvements
+ v4l2-ctl: show pixelformat name
+ v4l2-ctl: make format enumeration output more compact
+ v4l2-ctl: fix printfmtname()
+ v4l2-ctl: log EOS event
+ v4l2-compliance: fix subdev selection test
+ v4l-helpers.h: remove stray line in v4l_subdev_s_fd()
+ v4l2-ctl: check the fopen() result.
+ cec-compliance: if MAX_RETRIES and OK were set, clear OK
+ cec-compliance: if MAX_RETRIES and OK were set, mark as RX timeout
+ cec-compliance: OK & MAX_RETRIES: report that workaround was applied
+ v4l-utils: sync with media_tree master branch
+ v4l2-tpg.patch: add array_size and array3_size defines
+ cec-ctl: add 5V event support
+ media-info.cpp: support new functions
+ media-info.cpp: show new pad index and entity flags fields
+ v4l2-compliance: show new flags and index fields
+ v4l2-compliance: add pad index checks
+ v4l2-ctl: use poll for m2m devices, fix final buffer
+ rds-saa6588: fix broken tests
+ libdvbv5/v4l2-compliance: fix select() gcc-8.1 warnings
+ v4l-helpers.h: fix gcc-8.1 strncpy warning
+ cv4l-helpers.h: fix gcc-8.1 warning
+ sliced-vbi-test: fix gcc-8.1 warning
+ stress-buffer/libmedia_dev/rds-ctl: fix gcc-8.1 warnings
+ cv4l-helpers.h: enum_fmt: set type at init
+ v4l2-ctl: add --list-formats-out-ext
+ v4l-utils: sync with media_tree master repo
+ cec-compliance: measure pings per second
+ v4l2-ctl: add HSV encoding support
+ Makefile.am: copy cec headers from usr/include
+ v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
+ v4l2-info.cpp: add function to give pixfmt description
+ (c)v4l-helpers: add g_hsv_enc() support
+ cec-compliance: adapter test fixes
+ qvidcap: add Qt video viewer
+ qvidcap: improve 'Unsupported format' messages
+ qvidcap: support -P for video devices
+ qvidcap: show keys you can use in the menu item descriptions
+ qvidcap: fix 32-bit compiler warning
+ v4l-utils: sync with latest media-git master.
+ qvidcap: always allow overriding field
+ configure.ac: revert weird spurious change
+ contrib/gconv/Makefile.am: remove space after -R
+ contrib/Makefile.am: gconv was added twice
+ v4l-utils: sync with media master
+ v4l2-ctl/qvidcap: add initial fwht support
+ v4l2-ctl: support the new fwht codec
+ qvidcap: support the new FWHT codec.
+ v4l2-compliance: improve VIDIOC_CREATE_BUFS checks
+ v4l2-compliance: allow EILSEQ as well as error
+ v4l2-compliance: add test for V4L2_CTRL_WHICH_DEF_VAL
+ v4l2-ctl: fix meta type issues
+ v4l2-compliance: allow both regular and mplane variants for crop API
+ v4l2-ctl: cut out more code if NO_STREAM_TO is defined
+ v4l2-compliance: improve S_PARM test
+ cec-compliance: fix set_osd_string test
+ cec-compliance: improve adapter test
+ v4l-utils: sync with media master
+ v4l2-ctl/media-ctl: support V4L2_DV_FL_CAN_DETECT_REDUCED_FPS
+ cec/media/v4l2-info+v4l-stream: GPL-2.0 -> LGPL-2.1
+ qvidcap: allocate worst case memory if canOverrideResolution is set
+ cec-compliance: split up combines tests
+ v4l-utils: sync with media master repository
+ v4l-utils: replace all AdobeRGB/YCC references by opRGB/YCC references.
+ cec-compliance: improve CEC_EVENT_LOST_MSGS test
+ cec-compliance: improve fail message
+ v4l2-compliance: drop COLORSPACE_JPEG test
+ cec-compliance: fix bad check for transmitted vs pending msgs
+ cec-ctl: don't let -w enable verbose when combined with pin monitoring/analysis
+ cec-ctl: turn -n into a toggle
+ cec-ctl: allow changing destination for each message
+ cec-ctl: add --non-blocking option
+ cec-ctl: fix destination for non-standard messages
+ cec: move status2s functions to cec-info.cpp
+ v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
+ cec-info.cpp: support new tx/rx_status flags.
+ cec-compliance: check for new status flags
+Mauro Carvalho Chehab (50):
+ dvbv5-zap: reset timeout at copy_to_file()
+ dvbv5-zap: add missing "first" var
+ v4l2-ctl-streaming: fix type of a time_t value
+ dvbv5-zap: better report buffer underrun errors
+ dvbv5-zap: increase buffer size to avoid buffer overruns
+ cec: fix warnings when building on arm 32 bits
+ dvbv5-daemon: ignore invalid warning
+ mc_nextgen_test: get rid of casting warnings
+ dvbv5-zap: add a logic to detect continuity errors on monitor mode
+ dvbv5-zap: allow adjusting the low-traffic parameter
+ dvbv5-zap: fix discontinuity detection logic
+ dvbv5-zap: don't start showing inexistent continuity errors
+ dvbv5-zap: allow writing a file while monitoring the DVB stream
+ dvbv5-zap: update comments about adaptation_field_control
+ dvbv5-zap: prevent going past per-pid arrays
+ dvbv5-zap: fix the continuity check logic
+ dvbv5-zap: write PID numbers in decimal
+ dvbv5-scan: print frontend stats on stdout on traffic monitor
+ dvbv5-zap: print per-pid continuity errors
+ dvbv5-zap: print stats for low-traffic PIDs as well on monitor mode
+ dvbv5-zap: round sizes to their closest value at dvb monitor mode
+ dvbv5-zap: change the initial discontinuity logic
+ dvbv5-zap: print timestamps on error logs
+ dvbv5-zap: some cleanups
+ dvbv5-zap: use clock monotonic on DVB monitoring
+ dvbv5-zap: fix handling of tv_nsec when printing messages
+ dvbv5-zap: reduce number of syscalls on monitor mode
+ dvbv5-zap: improve buffer sizes
+ dvbv5-zap: better display traffic thoughput
+ update make sync-with-kernel target
+ sync it with Kernel headers, as will be found on 4.16-rc1
+ Makefile.am: also update dvb-frontend.h
+ v4l2-tpg.patch: Fix other issues when applying upstream v4l2-tpg.h
+ sync v4l2-tpg with upstream
+ v4l2-compliance: identify if compiled with 32 or 64 bits
+ dvb-fe: display frontend frequency range of current delsys
+ dvb-fe: print frequencies using metric multiplying symbol
+ dvb-fe: print symbol rate range for Satellite and Cable
+ dvb-fe: be clearer when diplaying ENOTSUP
+ arib-std-b24: remove duplicated #define
+ configure.ac: check gconv on Debian/Ubuntu-specific directories
+ configure.ac: disable gconv if it can't find its location
+ configure.ac: improve check for gconv build
+ v4l2-test-input-output: improve warning message
+ Refresh translation files
+ Add Ukranian translation made by Zanata people
+ Add Catalan translation made by Zanata people
+ Add a French translation made by Zanata people
+ Cherry-pick an update to Brazilian Portuguese translation
+ Revert "Cherry-pick an update to Brazilian Portuguese translation"
+Peter Seiderer (2):
+ keytable: fix EVIOCSCLOCKID related compile failure
+ libdvbv5: fix musl compile
+Philipp Zabel (1):
+ media-ctl: add --get-dv option
+Sakari Ailus (3):
+ cec-ctl: Prepare for __inline__ instead of inline
+ Add instructions for building static binaries
+ libdvb5: Fix unused local variable warnings
+Sean Young (18):
+ keytable: abi no longer set LIRC_CAN_REC_SCANCODE for raw devices
+ ir-ctl: abi no longer set LIRC_CAN_SEND_SCANCODE for raw devices
+ keytable: add support for imon protocol
+ keytable: add support for BPF based protocols
+ keytable: add bpf protocols
+ keytable: add toml keymap reader
+ keytable: convert keymaps to new toml format
+ ir-keytable: add tool to aid migration from lircd
+ keytable: improve man page wording
+ ir-ctl: make nec32 scancode encoding match kernel
+ Remove unnecessary if
+ ir-ctl: different drivers have different default timeouts
+ Rewrite to avoid void pointer arithmetic warnings
+ keytable: fix build without libelf
+ keytable: keymap for Network Dish
+ keytable: keymap for Windows Remote Keyboard for MCE
+ gen_keytables.pl: fix NEC32 generation
+ v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
diff --git a/configure.ac b/configure.ac
index 3ee89d64..44749552 100644
--- a/configure.ac
+++ b/configure.ac
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
# Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.

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