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authorGregor Jasny <gjasny@googlemail.com>2017-12-27 14:57:11 +0100
committerGregor Jasny <gjasny@googlemail.com>2017-12-27 15:10:50 +0100
commit0f1045e9469259c8774c672e8acc5d03354ca490 (patch)
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Prepare for 1.14.0 releasev4l-utils-1.14.0
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diff --git a/ChangeLog b/ChangeLog
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--- a/ChangeLog
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+Chris Leick (1):
+ Add German translation by Chris Leick
+Clemens Ladisch (1):
+ libdvbv5: T2 delivery descriptor: fix wrong size of bandwidth field
+Gregor Jasny (9):
+ buildsystem: Start v4l-utils 1.13.0 development cycle
+ buildsystem: Add all files to dist target
+ qv4l2: Fix typo detected by lintian
+ libdvbv5: Link against libudev
+ Apply FreeBSD header search paths also to kFreeBSD
+ Fix some more typos
+ Fix typos detected by Chris Leick
+ i18n: Update translations
+ i18n: Use correct plural localization
+ ir-keytable: Distribute ir-encode.h file
+Hans Verkuil (114):
+ cec-ctl/cec-follower: call fflush after processing a message
+ cec-ctl: add support to skip tests
+ v4l2-ctl: query input timings before streaming
+ v4l2/cec-compliance, cec-follower: use git rev-parse HEAD
+ v4l2-ctl: don't use doioctl to query timings, use test_ioctl
+ media-ctl/v4l2-ctl: show the new pixelaspect and VIC fields/flags
+ v4l2-ctl: show what the default colorspace values map to
+ cec-ctl: map invalid log_addr to 0xf
+ cec-ctl: add --show-raw option
+ cec-compliance: add test broadcast unknown message
+ cec-follower: fix incorrect initiator for two messages
+ cec-ctl: add --poll option to send a poll message
+ cec-ctl: drop the phys_addr check
+ cec-compliance: fix broken --test-standby-resume
+ cec-compliance: add --timeout option
+ cec-compliance: fix Request Active Source test
+ v4l-utils: sync with 4.10 kernel headers
+ cec: fix wrong initiator of poll messages
+ cec-follower: don't Feature Abort msgs from Unregistered
+ v4l2-ctl: handle V4L2_EVENT_SOURCE_CHANGED
+ v4l2-ctl: update Android.mk
+ v4l2-ctl: drop $(LOCAL_PATH)/../common prefix
+ cec-ctl: add support for wall-clock timestamps
+ cec-ctl: add missing -lrt ld flag
+ v4l2-ctl: waiting for a valid timings only depends on no-query option
+ v4l2-compliance: return better fail message in testExpBuf()
+ v4l-utils: sync with kernel
+ qv4l2: update comment regarding XV601/709 quantization handling
+ v4l2-ctl: add --disable-v4l2-ctl-stream-to configure option
+ v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
+ v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
+ v4l2-compliance/v4l2-ctl: support V4L2_CTRL_FLAG_MODIFY_LAYOUT and metadata
+ v4l2-compliance: fix control tests for compound controls
+ cec-follower: make sure we never poll ourselves
+ cec-ctl: fix logging: status should come last
+ cec-compliance: add -w option, improve logging
+ cec-ctl: add -s option to skip the Driver Info output
+ v4l2-compliance: improve EDID ioctl tests
+ configure.ac: clarify configure summary
+ configure.ac: add USE_LIBV4L to summary
+ cec-ctl: always show the CEC status results with --verbose
+ cec-compliance: show status if retransmits were detected
+ v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel
+ cec-*: add support for CEC_CAP_NEEDS_HPD
+ cec-ctl: add --monitor-time option
+ cec-ctl: warn is -p is given but CEC_CAP_PHYS_ADDR isn't set
+ cec-ctl.1.in: update the manual page
+ cec-compliance.1.in: update the manual page
+ cec-compliance: improve --verbose
+ cec-compliance: don't set app_result to -1 if the ioctl fails
+ v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel
+ cec-ctl: add support for CEC pin monitoring
+ cec-ctl.1.in: document the new --monitor-pin option
+ cec-ctl: fix Makefile.am typo
+ v4l2-ctl: don't return an error with --all
+ cec-ctl: change structure init to cope with g++ 4.6
+ qv4l2: fix SMPTE-2084 processing
+ qv4l2: support vimc
+ cec-ctl: refactor: split the monitor code off into its own function
+ cec-ctl: get the monotonic start time and wallclock time only once
+ cec-ctl: add --record-pin and --playback-pin options
+ cec-ctl: rename --record-pin and --playback-pin
+ cec-ctl: make pin recording easier to read
+ cec-ctl: improve pin timestamps
+ cec-ctl: fix pin analysis bug
+ cec-ctl.1.in: clarify --no-rc-passthrough
+ utils/cec-ctl/.gitignore: add cec-pin-gen.h
+ keytable.c: add support for the CEC protocol
+ cec-follower: use ev.state_change.log_addr_mask
+ cec-compliance: try to reconnect if the HPD is gone
+ cec-compliance: send IMAGE_VIEW_ON when no HPD
+ cec-compliance: move top-level adapter tests to cec-test-adapter.cpp
+ cec-common: move common cec code to cec-common.cpp
+ cec-ctl: use cec-common
+ cec-follower: use cec-common
+ cec-compliance: use cec-common
+ cec-compliance: fix uninitialized format ID array
+ cec-ctl: add --list-devices
+ cec-common.cpp: add missing stdio.h
+ v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
+ v4l2-ctl: qc.nr_of_dims is 0 for strings, check this
+ cec-ctl: allow stdout/in for --store/analyze-pin
+ v4l-utils: sync with kernel
+ v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
+ cec-ctl: fix crash when store_pin is NULL
+ cec: add support for the Hospitality Profile
+ cec-ctl.1.in: add --help-htng option description
+ cec-ctl: fix topology tree view
+ v4l2-ctl: support new EDID toggles
+ v4l2-ctl: rename CEA/cea to CTA/cta
+ qv4l2: add Z16 depth support.
+ v4l-utils: improve README
+ v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
+ libdvbv5: fix compiler warning
+ utils/dvb: fix compiler warnings
+ qv4l2: support Y10 and Y12
+ qv4l2: add support for V4L2_PIX_FMT_INZI
+ v4l-utils: fix two compiler warnings
+ cec-compliance: various improvements for no-HPD-in-standby
+ v4l-utils: sync-with-kernel
+ cec-ctl/cec-follower: support new HPD pin events
+ cec-ctl: store HPD events in pin log
+ v4l2-compliance: allow control ioctls without any controls
+ cec-compliance: use correct initiator in Image View On
+ cec/rds/v4l2-ctl: fix --list-devices option
+ cec-ctl: improve cec pin analyzer code
+ cec-ctl: add --ignore option
+ cec-ctl: improve pin analyzer code
+ cec: show human readable name of a logical address in driver info
+ qv4l2: fix crash when two QAction pointers are uninitialized
+ cec-utils: show hex value of vendor message
+ cec-ctl: improve cec pin analyzer
+ cec-ctl: fix bad end-of-bit handling
+Hans de Goede (1):
+ libv4lconvert: We support more then 32 bit src fmts now, so use 64 bit bitmasks
+Harald Dankworth (1):
+ v4l-utils: do not query capabilities of sub-devices.
+Hugues Fruchet (6):
+ v4l2/cec-compliance, cec-follower: use git -C $(srcdir) rev-parse HEAD
+ configure.ac: fix wrong summary if --disable-v4l2-ctl-stream-to
+ configure.ac: revisit v4l2-ctl/compliance using libv4l variable naming
+ configure.ac: revisit --disable-libv4l to --disable-dyn-libv4l
+ configure.ac: add --disable-libv4l option
+ configure.ac: fix build of v4l-utils on uclinux
+Ingo Feinerer (1):
+ Conditional sys/sysmacros.h inclusion
+Ismo Puustinen (1):
+ buildsystem: do not assume building in source tree.
+Kieran Kunhya (1):
+ libdvbv5: Add libudev to pkg-config file
+Maksym Veremeyenko (1):
+ dvbv5-zap: improve sat_number handling
+Mauro Carvalho Chehab (53):
+ dvb-sat: fix rangeswitch logic
+ dvb-sat: add verbose options for LNBf settings
+ dvb-sat: add support for Invacom QPH-031 LNBf
+ pt_BR: update translation file to reflect latest changes
+ dvb-sat: fix translation issues at LNBf settings
+ libdvbv5: add support for more PMT descriptors
+ dvb-dev: get rid of config.h from the header file
+ dvb-dev: allow passing an optional void pointer parameter to dvb_dev_find()
+ dvb-utils: add missing parameter
+ dvb-dev: rename the function that gets the sysname of a device
+ dvb-dev: add a method to get device info from sysname
+ libv4lconvert: make it clear about the criteria for needs_conversion
+ libv4lconvert: expose bayer formats
+ keytable: fix print of event code number
+ gen_keytables.pl: fix RC-5-SZ name
+ gen_keytables.pl: don't warn about missing name on legacy RC
+ Add a logic to detect when a file doesn't have any tables
+ Update the list of drivers that still has a RC map inside
+ gen_dvb_structs.pl: fix two warnings
+ desc_t2_delivery: consider valid to have a short T2 descriptor
+ desc_t2_delivery: properly handle cell and subcell tables
+ desc_t2_delivery: improve print dumps of T2 delivery
+ desc_t2_delivery: resize frequency array for subcel freqs
+ desc_t2_delivery: store cell/subcell IDs and tables
+ desc_t2_delivery: display frequencies in MHz
+ desc_t2_delivery: display bandwidth also in MHz
+ desc_t2_delivery: improve printed output
+ descriptors: add service_list_descriptor to descriptor's table
+ Update pt_BR translation
+ pt_BR: fix plural translation
+ dvb-scan: fix the logic for multi-section handling
+ dvb-dev-local: fix pthread checks
+ libdvbv5: be sure to add pthread libary if need
+ contrib: move parsers to a separate directory
+ dvb: add pthread dependencies where needed
+ README: update IR utils
+ Move decode_tm6000 and xc3028-firmware to contrib
+ contrib: better adjust directory contents
+ utils: move rds out of it, placing at contrib
+ decode_tm6000: fix build
+ Makefile: re-add xc3028-firmware sync_with_kernel target
+ dvb-sat: fix bugs at Satellite frequency retrieve logic
+ dvb-file: don't write (unsigned)-1 for DTV_PILOT
+ dvb-sat: Use the right values for LNB setting
+ dvb-sat: better handle out-of-range Satellite frequencies
+ dvb-sat: fix settings to support DiSEqC with more than 2 satellites
+ dvb: better cope with dvbloopback
+ dvbv5-scan: add Network and TS ID for VDR channel output
+ libdvbv5: accept DVBv5 calls from dvbloopback again
+ dvb-sat: warn if DiSEqC is not enabled when it should be
+ dvbv5-zap: don't ignore -S parameter
+ dvb-sat: do the best to tune if DiSEqC is disabled
+ libdvbv5: be sure that interruped reads will be handled
+Niklas Söderlund (1):
+ v4l2-compliance: fix warning in buffer::check
+Pavel Machek (4):
+ libv4l2: Fix integer overflow
+ libv4l2: Fix typos
+ libv4l: Add support for GRBG10 format conversion
+ libv4l2: SDL test application
+Peter Seiderer (3):
+ qv4l2: fix qv4l2.pro qmake project file
+ ir-ctl: use strndup instead of strndupa (fixes musl compile)
+ ir-ctl: add optional copy of TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY macro (fix musl compile)
+Philipp Zabel (4):
+ media-ctl: add pad support to set/get_frame_interval
+ media-ctl: print the configured frame interval
+ media-ctl: propagate frame interval
+ media-ctl: add colorimetry support
+Rafaël Carré (8):
+ dvb_local_open(): strdup fname before calling dvb_fe_open_fname()
+ dvbv5-daemon: 0 is a valid fd
+ dvb_dev_get_fd(): return fd of local devices
+ dvb_logfunc: add a user private parameter
+ dvb_local_read: ignore EAGAIN
+ sdlcam: fix linking
+ sdlcam: ignore binary
+ Statically linking libdvbv5 must include -ludev
+Reinhard Speyerer (1):
+ libdvbv5: fix T2 delivery descriptor parsing in dvb_desc_t2_delivery_init()
+Sean Young (27):
+ ir-keytable: be more permissive on protocol name
+ ir-keytable: do not fail at the first transmit-only device
+ ir-ctl: "ir-ctl -S rc6_mce:0x800f0410" does not work on 32-bit
+ ir-ctl: lirc resolution is in microseconds
+ ir-ctl: report LIRCCODE drivers even if we don't supported them
+ ir-keytable: null deref if kernel compiled without CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV
+ ir-keytable: ensure udev rule fires on rc input device
+ ir-keytable: "ir-keytable -s rc1" should only describe rc1, not all
+ keytable: use DEV_NAME if available
+ keytable: if the protocols cannot be changed, don't try
+ Update the list of drivers that still has a RC map inside and sync-with-kernel
+ sync with kernel git media_tree/master.
+ keytable: fail more gracefully when commandline cannot be parsed
+ keytable: allow a period or delay of 0 to be set
+ ir-ctl: fix multiple scancodes in one file
+ ir-ctl: set the gap between scancodes or files
+ ir-ctl: rename record to receive
+ ir-ctl: always enable timeout reports
+ sync-with-kernel and fixup RC_PROTO_*
+ ir-keytable: show lirc device and make test show lirc scancodes
+ ir-keytable: improve error reporting
+ ir-ctl: show scancode lirc features
+ ir-ctl: use lirc scancode sending
+ keytable: add missing protocols
+ ir-ctl: improve man page
+ keytable: add missing protocol names
+ ir-ctl: rename remaining instances of "record" to "receive"
+Soren Brinkmann (1):
+ v4l2-ctl: Print numerical control ID
+Thomas Petazzoni (2):
+ Build libv4lconvert helper support only when fork() is available
+ configure.ac: drop --disable-libv4l, disable plugin support instead
+bill murphy (1):
+ dvb-sat: add support for North American Standard Ku LNB
diff --git a/configure.ac b/configure.ac
index 3d9cb0cd..80ef4dba 100644
--- a/configure.ac
+++ b/configure.ac
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
# Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.

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