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buildsystem: Convert to autotools buildsystem
Use autoreconf -vfi to bootstrap Signed-off-by: Gregor Jasny <gjasny@googlemail.com>
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-* make and a c and c++ compiler
-* optionally qt3 ot qt4 for building qv4l2
-* optionally libsysfs for building v4l2-sysfs-path
+* make and a C and C++ compiler
+* optionally libjpeg v6 or later
+* optionally Qt4 for building qv4l2
-Before building decide under which PREFIX you wish to install
-(the default is /usr/local), and if you want the libraries to be installed
-under a different directory then $PREFIX/lib for example $PREFIX/lib64.
-To build execute "make" specifying the desired installation prefix
-and (optionally) the desired libdir, for example:
-make PREFIX=/usr LIBDIR=/usr/lib64
+If you checked out the source repository you need to install the autotools
+environment first. Then type "autoreconf -vfi" to generate the configure
+Then execute "configure" with any desired options. You can get a summary via
+the --help option.
+After configuration simply type "make" to start the build process.
-To install do "make install", and again specify the desired PREFIX and
-LIBDIR, note that it is important to specify the same PREFIX and LIBDIR
-as used when building, for example:
-make install PREFIX=/usr LIBDIR=/usr/lib64
+To install do "make install". The configured paths will be used.
Note that v4l-utils' "make install" supports DESTDIR for installing into
a build root for example:
-make install PREFIX=/usr LIBDIR=/usr/lib64 DESTDIR=/mnt/sysimage
+make install DESTDIR=/mnt/sysimage

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