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Update docs for the new v4l-utils as a separate project situation
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-Linux V4L2 API test/demo applications, utilities and library.
+Linux V4L2 and DVB API utilities and v4l libraries (libv4l).
-You find a README in each subdirectory explaining what the code there does.
-The v4l2 library uses the GNU Lesser General Public License, all other code is
+v4l libraries (libv4l)
+See README.lib for more information on libv4l, libv4l is released
+under the GNU Lesser General Public License.
+The (for now for v4l-utils private use only) libv4l2util library is
+released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, all other code is
released under the GNU General Public License.
-This code is still in its infancy and is not yet suitable for general
-use. However, it is a start.
+v4l-utils includes the following utilities:
+Decodes tm6000 proprietary format streams.
+Installed by make install under <prefix>/bin.
+Dump, Load or Modify ir receiver input tables.
+The ir tables for remotes which are known by the kernel
+(and loaded by default depending on dvb card type) can be found
+under utils/keytable/keycodes.
+v4l-keytable does not get installed by make install.
+QT v4l2 control panel application.
+Installed by make install under <prefix>/bin.
+Poll i2c RDS receiver [Philips saa6588].
+rds-saa6588 does not get installed by make install.
+Tool to test v4l2 API compliance of drivers.
+Installed by make install under <prefix>/bin.
+Tool to control v4l2 controls from the cmdline.
+Installed by make install under <prefix>/bin.
+Tool to directly get and set registers of v4l2 devices,
+this requires a kernel >= 2.6.29 with the ADV_DEBUG option
+enabled. This tool can only be used by root and is meant
+for development purposes only!
+Installed by make install under <prefix>/sbin.
+FIXME add description.
+Installed by make install under <prefix>/bin.
-Hans Verkuil <hverkuil@xs4all.nl>
+Xceive XC2028/3028 tuner module firmware manipulation tool.
+xc3028-firmware does not get installed by make install.

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