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committerHans de Goede <hdegoede@redhat.com>2011-05-17 21:27:16 +0200
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libv4l: update TODO
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@@ -9,6 +9,21 @@ libv4l todo:
is only needed on select pixart cameras, which use this function for
decoding, this will nicely cleanup the main conversion routine
+-move usb info gathering code from libv4lcontrol into a new
+ libv4l deviceinfo (devicequirks?) sublib, since it really does not have
+ all that much to do with the emulated controls
+-make dmi + usb matching more generic, with wildcards support, etc. To allow
+ for a more flexible upside down table where one entry can match multiple
+ models, hopefully lowering maintainance costs of the upside down device
+ list a bit
+-some sort of generic rotation framework (for tablets)?
+-rewrite video effects code to be even more plugin based
+-add code for software auto focus
-libv4lconvert: v4lconvert_do_try_format should always prefer smaller then
requested resolutions over bigger then requested ones

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