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man: move dvb-scan.1 out of Doxygen
Using doxygen to document an userspace man page doesn't make it easier. Instead, it brings extra troubles, as it would create all man pages under the very same section. So, move the dvb-scan.1 man page out of doxygen, adding it as a separate file. Hopefully, that will make it easier to maintain. Signed-off-by: Mauro Carvalho Chehab <mchehab@osg.samsung.com>
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-@page dvbv5-scan dvbv5-scan
-@brief The dvbv5-scan - DVBv5 tool for frequency scanning
-@section dvbv5-scan-intro Description
-dvbv5-scan is a command line frequency scanning tool for digital TV services
-that is compliant with version 5 of the DVB API, and backward compatible with
-the older v3 DVB API.
-dvbv5-scan uses by default the new channel/service file format that it is
-capable of supporting all types of Digital TV standards. It can also support
-the legacy format used by the legacy dvb-apps.
-A single physical channel (also called as transponder) may have several
-virtual channels inside it, encapsulated via a MPEG Transport stream.
-Those virtual channels are called as "service" at the MPEG-TS terminology,
-and may have one or more audio, video and other types of elements inside it.
-The dvbv5-scan goal is to scan for a list of physical channels/transponders
-and identify there the MPEG-TS services available.
-The dvbv5-scan tool is smart enough to retrieve the information at the MPEG-TS
-Network Information Table (NIT) about other channels available on the stream.
-$ dvbv5-scan ~/dvbc-test
-Scanning frequency #1 573000000
-Lock (0x1f) Quality= Good Signal= 100.00% C/N= -13.80dB UCB= 0 postBER= 3.14x10^-3 PER= 0
-Service SBT, provider (null): digital television
-Service Globo, provider Globo: digital television
-Service Record, provider (null): digital television
-Service Band, provider (null): digital television
-Service Trilhas Sonoras, provider (null): digital radio
-New transponder/channel found: #2: 579000000
-New transponder/channel found: #39: 507000000
-The scan process will then scan the other 38 discovered new transponders,
-and generate a dvb_channel.com with several entries with will have not only
-the physical channel/transponder info, but also the Service ID, and the
-corresponding audio/video/other program IDs (PID), like:
- VIDEO_PID = 288
- AUDIO_PID = 289
- FREQUENCY = 573000000
- SYMBOL_RATE = 5247500
+@page dvbv5-scan-example dvbv5-scan
+-@brief The dvbv5-scan - DVBv5 tool for frequency scanning
@example dvbv5-scan.c

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