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+Gregor Jasny (1):
+ contrib: Add missing dist files for ioctl-test
-André Roth (1):
+André Roth (3):
+ libv4l-mplane: Fix compile flags to allow anonymous unions with gcc 4.5.5
+ libdvbv5: fix compile error
libdvbv5: fix anonymous unions on older gcc
-Gregor Jasny (2):
+Antonio Ospite (2):
+ contrib/m920x/m920x_parse.pl: stricter check when extracting firmware
+ contrib/m920x/m920x_parse.pl: silence a warning
+Gregor Jasny (4):
+ libv4l: Add ASUS F2F with STK DC-1125 to upside down list
+ libv4l: Add Founder PC T14MF to upside down table
contrib: Add missing files to distribution list
-Hans Verkuil (33):
+Hans Petter Selasky (1):
+ libv4l: Don't try to access sysfs 256 times when there is no sysfs
+Hans Verkuil (52):
+ qv4l2: add missing information for string and integer controls
+ qv4l2: add support for control events.
+ v4l2-compliance: allow EINVAL to be returned by S/TRY_FMT.
+ qv4l2: fix setting frequency for radio modulators
+ v4l-utils: sync with latest kernel.
+ v4l2-ctl: show used timestamp type.
+ v4l2-compliance: add check whether the timestamp is monotonic.
+ v4l-utils: fix make install problems with ln -s
+ v4l-utils: fix two 'dereferencing type-punned pointer' warnings
+ v4l2-compliance: reorganize verbosity options
+ ioctl-test: improve comments and add checks against ioctl num changes.
+ v4l2-compliance: improve read/write error reporting.
+ qv4l2: don't show "Query Standard" button if QUERYSTD isn't supported.
+ qv4l2: correctly update frame width and height for fixed resolutions.
+ v4l2-ctl: improve interval reporting.
+ v4l2-ctl: when streaming to file use bytesused instead of the full buffer.
+ v4l2-ctl: improve dv_timings reporting.
+ v4l2-ctl: support data_offset when streaming multiplanar formats.
+ v4l2-ctl: show buffers or key/P/B-frames when capturing.
v4l2-* utils: allow -d11 to refer to /dev/video11
v4l-utils: run sync-with-kernel.
v4l2-ctl: add support for 'COPY' timestamp and ctrl range events.
@@ -45,7 +81,55 @@ Hans Verkuil (33):
Jean Delvare (1):
dvbv5-zap: Fix build warning
-Mauro Carvalho Chehab (6):
+Laurent Pinchart (2):
+ v4l2-compliance: Print invalid return codes in control tests
+ v4l2-compliance: Print invalid error_idx values in control tests
+Mauro Carvalho Chehab (50):
+ ir-keytable: Add support for testing EV_ABS events
+ keytable: merge two identical structures into one
+ keytable: reorder functions to put similar code together
+ keytable: Add handler for EV_REL type
+ keytable: also print code for unknown/unhandled events
+ keytable: Put events in numeric order
+ keytable: Add the remaining other unhandled events
+ keytable: Make the parsing code more generic
+ keytable: properly print the other MSC_* event names
+ keytable: be clear when a value is in hexadecimal
+ keytable: always use hexadecimal values for scancodes
+ dvbv5-zap: Allow to enable FE debug
+ Sync with kernel, with DVB stats
+ dvb-fe: add support for DVBv5 stats
+ dvbv5-zap: use the new DVBv5 stats API
+ dvb-fe: Add a flag to indicate if DVBv5 stats is in use
+ dvb-fe: Improve BER measurements for DVBv5
+ dvb-fe: Allow returning BER in a float value
+ dvbv5-zap: better display BER
+ dvb-fe: Add a method to report PER
+ dvb: Move the core of the stats logic to dvb-fe
+ dvb-fe: Fix PER statistics measurement
+ dvb-fe: Add support for a quality measurement
+ dvb: Rename a few DVB statistics
+ dvb: Add support for retrieving pre-BER data
+ dvb: use a macro for the number of Kernel stats
+ dvb: Better name the post-BER data
+ dvb: add support for pre-BER measurement
+ dvb: if the signal vanishes, bit/block error counters should vanish
+ dvbv5-zap: improve status display
+ dvbv5-scan: use library support for stats print
+ dvbv5-scan: also prints signal strength on tuner fail
+ ioctl-test: Auto-generate the list of ioctls to test
+ Add DVB headers to make sync-with-kernel
+ ioctl-test: expand it to also test DVB frontend/demux
+ dvbv5-scan: Fix get_signal logic
+ dvb-fe: Fix check for stats property
+ dvb-fe: Reserve space for the other DVBv5 properties
+ dvbv5-zap: Only go back if is there anything to clean
+ dvb5-scan: Improve output to better show the status
+ dvbv5-scan: don't be too verbose with status
+ dvb-scan: Don't call dvb_fe_get_stats() twice
+ dvb-fe: Supress statistics if signal lock vanishes
+ dvbv5-scan: timeout-multiply should also affect the timeout for scan
dvbv5-zap: add traffic monitor support
dvbv5-zap: output stats to stdout on monitor mode
dvbv5-zap: Better output at monitor mode
@@ -53,6 +137,9 @@ Mauro Carvalho Chehab (6):
dvbv5-zap: better represent low_traffic data in monitor mode
dvbv5-zap: print elapsed time when buffer overflow happens
+Riku Voipio (1):
+ v4l-utils: use openat when available
Tzu-Jung Lee (2):
v4l2-ctl: break down the streaming_set()
v4l2-ctl: initial attempt to support M2M device streaming

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