BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cec-conncec: add support to list/set connectorsHans Verkuil12 months
tunercec-follower: add support for Status RequestHans Verkuil24 months
vicodectest-media: add vicodec testsHans Verkuil2 years
ceccec-ctl: add --raw-msg optionHans Verkuil2 years
mastercv4l-helpers.h: fix compiler warningHans Verkuil3 years
props2Add property compliance supportHans Verkuil3 years
propsadds props APIHans Verkuil3 years
requestv4l2-compliance: add request compliance testsHans Verkuil3 years
histoqvidcap: add histogram supportHans Verkuil3 years
cec-pin-testsfix refHans Verkuil4 years
new-fmts16 bitHans Verkuil4 years
cec-error-injcec-ctl: add error injection supportHans Verkuil4 years
cec-johanfinal fixesJohan Fjeldtvedt5 years
qdisp0001-qdisp-refactor-to-support-GLES-2.0.patchOve Brynestad (ovebryne)5 years
fileskip in case of read failureHans Verkuil6 years
sdrv4l2convert.c: squash compiler warningHans Verkuil6 years
dcip3qv4l2: fix opengl typoHans Verkuil6 years
bayer10qv4l2: add support for Bayer 10 and 12 bits.Hans Verkuil6 years
colorspace3qv4l2: add ycbcr.cHans Verkuil6 years
xferqv4l2: add support for the transfer functionHans Verkuil6 years
colorspace2XV601/709 calculation needs to be limited rangeHans Verkuil6 years
colorspacefixesHans Verkuil7 years
confstoreImplement ignore after useHans Verkuil7 years
dockqv4l2: Add option to enable linear scaling filterHans Verkuil7 years
scalingMerge remote-tracking branch 'linuxtv/master' into scalingHans Verkuil7 years
ciscoINSTALL: add cross compile and install procedures for AndroidHans-Christian Egtvedt8 years
streamingv4l2-compliance: add checks running STREAMON/OFF when no REQBUFS has been cal...Hans Verkuil8 years
stable-0.8libv4l: Add Founder PC T14MF to upside down tableGregor Jasny9 years

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