AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
5 daysipa: raspberrypi: imx477: Update tuning file for the latest camera modulesHEADmasterDavid Plowman2-9/+530
6 daysipa: raspberrypi: Fix bug in IPA frame drop logicNaushir Patuck1-1/+1
6 daysipa: raspberrypi: agc: Fix digital gain calculation for manual modeNaushir Patuck2-2/+19
6 dayspipeline: ipa: raspberrypi: Use IPA cookiesNaushir Patuck3-27/+37
6 daysipa: raspberrypi: Use an array of RPiController::Metadata objectsNaushir Patuck1-28/+35
6 daysipa: raspberrypi: Add RPiController::Metadata::mergeCopyNaushir Patuck1-0/+10
6 dayspipeline: raspberrypi: delayed_controls: Add user cookie to DelayedControlsNaushir Patuck3-12/+16
6 dayspipeline: raspberrypi: delayed_controls: Template the ControlRingBuffer classNaushir Patuck1-6/+7
6 dayspipeline: raspberrypi: Switch to RPi::DelayedControlsNaushir Patuck1-4/+4
6 dayspipeline: raspberrypi: Fork DelayedControlsNaushir Patuck3-0/+376
7 dayslibcamera: v4l2_device: Workaround faulty control menusKieran Bingham2-7/+25
7 dayslibcamera: framebuffer_allocator: Avoid double map lookupBarnabás Pőcze1-2/+4
11 dayscam: capture_script: Support parsing array controlsJacopo Mondi2-17/+146
11 dayspipeline: rkisp1: Support raw Bayer capture configurationFlorian Sylvestre3-55/+274
11 dayspipeline: rkisp1: Support raw Bayer capture at runtimeFlorian Sylvestre1-55/+93
11 dayspipeline: rkisp1: Fix stream size validationLaurent Pinchart3-14/+31
11 dayspipeline: rkisp1: Query the driver for formatsPaul Elder2-5/+54
11 daysipa: rkisp1: agc: Support raw captureLaurent Pinchart2-17/+34
11 daysipa: rkisp1: Add support for manual gain and exposurePaul Elder4-9/+96
11 daysipa: rkisp1: Support raw capture in IPA operationsLaurent Pinchart4-7/+52
11 dayslibcamera: stream: Turn StreamRole into scoped enumerationLaurent Pinchart5-16/+33
11 dayslibcamera: stream: Add operator<<() to print StreamRole as a stringLaurent Pinchart2-0/+22
11 daysutils: tuning: Add tuning script for rkisp1Paul Elder1-0/+40
11 daysutils: tuning: Add alsc-only libtuning raspberrypi tuning scriptPaul Elder3-0/+45
11 daysutils: libtuning: generators: Add yaml outputPaul Elder2-0/+124
11 daysutils: libtuning: parsers: Add yaml parserPaul Elder2-0/+18
11 daysutils: libtuning: generators: Add raspberrypi outputPaul Elder2-0/+116
11 daysutils: libtuning: parsers: Add raspberrypi parserPaul Elder2-0/+95
11 daysutils: libtuning: modules: alsc: Add rkisp1 LSC modulePaul Elder2-0/+113
11 daysutils: libtuning: modules: alsc: Add raspberrypi ALSC modulePaul Elder2-0/+247
11 daysutils: libtuning: modules: Add base LSC modulePaul Elder2-0/+77
11 daysutils: tuning: libtuning: Implement extensible components of libtuningPaul Elder6-0/+77
11 daysutils: tuning: libtuning: Implement math helpersPaul Elder3-0/+120
11 daysutils: tuning: libtuning: Implement the core of libtuningPaul Elder7-0/+1015
11 dayslibcamera: tracing: fix header generation when built as subprojectBarnabás Pőcze3-7/+10
11 dayslibcamera: Test sensor's ability to discover ancillary devicesYunke Cao2-1/+17
12 daysipa: rkisp1: add FrameDurationLimits controlNicholas Roth3-13/+67
12 daysipa: rkisp1: Fail hard on empty CameraSensorInfoJacopo Mondi2-9/+2
12 daysipa: rkisp1: Use IPAConfig in IPA::configure()Jacopo Mondi3-24/+24
12 dayslibcamera: Move IPA sensor controls validation to CameraSensorJacopo Mondi4-40/+9
12 dayspipeline: raspberrypi: Remove enum BuffferMask from the mojom interfaceNaushir Patuck5-28/+25
2022-11-21ipa: raspberrypi: Remove generic "pause" mechanism from AlgorithmNick Hollinghurst9-40/+26
2022-11-21pipeline: imx8-isi: Set SensorTimestamp metadataLaurent Pinchart1-0/+6
2022-11-21libcamera: imx8-isi: Enumerate supported stream formatsJacopo Mondi1-3/+59
2022-11-21gstreamer: Do not lookup controls by idJacopo Mondi1-1/+1
2022-11-19apps: cam: kms: Avoid 'unused-parameter' warningsChristian Rauch1-1/+1
2022-11-18libcamera v0.0.2v0.0.2Kieran Bingham1-1/+1
2022-11-17libcamera: pipeline: Add IMX8 ISI pipelineJacopo Mondi3-1/+956
2022-11-14libcamera: pipeline: raspberrypi: Free buffers when a camera is releasedDavid Plowman1-0/+8
2022-11-14libcamera: Add a PipelineHandler::releaseDevice methodDavid Plowman3-3/+19

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