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Merge tag 'LSM-add-setgid-hook-5.8-author-fix' of git://github.com/micah-morton/linux
Pull SafeSetID update from Micah Morton: "Add additional LSM hooks for SafeSetID SafeSetID is capable of making allow/deny decisions for set*uid calls on a system, and we want to add similar functionality for set*gid calls. The work to do that is not yet complete, so probably won't make it in for v5.8, but we are looking to get this simple patch in for v5.8 since we have it ready. We are planning on the rest of the work for extending the SafeSetID LSM being merged during the v5.9 merge window" * tag 'LSM-add-setgid-hook-5.8-author-fix' of git://github.com/micah-morton/linux: security: Add LSM hooks to set*gid syscalls
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