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authorRafael J. Wysocki <rafael.j.wysocki@intel.com>2020-01-27 11:30:13 +0100
committerRafael J. Wysocki <rafael.j.wysocki@intel.com>2020-01-27 11:30:13 +0100
commitc95d9c140cea04bb052bd853eee24d0020734d9d (patch)
treeef70af8630342ab890cbe82d31e9e9257239c8a8 /.mailmap
parent245224d1cb5465414e52fcd1873057f7ce7b14ca (diff)
parentd229290689ae0f6eae068ef142de4fd61ab4ba50 (diff)
parentead067beb56f3b4f74a39b50e6568d0cf4cce60a (diff)
parentc267930f3f10afc225e6c18f34be2fd4fd928194 (diff)
parentf9900c178d61661c104c1600409ced81bf3a6037 (diff)
parent0b7c99d9a229c895fe4e6470af51612f3f4d2664 (diff)
Merge branches 'pm-core', 'powercap', 'pm-opp', 'pm-avs' and 'pm-misc'
* pm-core: PM-runtime: add tracepoints for usage_count changes * powercap: powercap/intel_rapl: add support for JasperLake x86/cpu: Add Jasper Lake to Intel family powercap/intel_rapl: add support for TigerLake Mobile * pm-opp: opp: Replace list_kref with a local counter opp: Free static OPPs on errors while adding them * pm-avs: power: avs: qcom-cpr: remove duplicated include from qcom-cpr.c power: avs: fix uninitialized error return on failed cpr_read_fuse_uV() call power: avs: qcom-cpr: make cpr_get_opp_hz_for_req() static power: avs: qcom-cpr: remove set but unused variable power: avs: qcom-cpr: make sure that regmap is available power: avs: qcom-cpr: fix unsigned expression compared with zero power: avs: qcom-cpr: fix invalid printk specifier in debug print power: avs: Add support for CPR (Core Power Reduction) dt-bindings: power: avs: Add support for CPR (Core Power Reduction) * pm-misc: mailmap: Add entry for <rjw@sisk.pl>

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