path: root/drivers/staging/media/sunxi/cedrus/cedrus_dec.c
diff options
authorPaul Kocialkowski <paul.kocialkowski@bootlin.com>2019-01-24 10:49:45 -0200
committerMauro Carvalho Chehab <mchehab+samsung@kernel.org>2019-01-31 09:28:19 -0200
commit826ef7508833f8bae928ccae4071b6efa6ba6184 (patch)
treec1821a69aa859f797ede34af938068a044e9b4ba /drivers/staging/media/sunxi/cedrus/cedrus_dec.c
parent03535e7a3a9937da99ee18304309e0574d2504fc (diff)
media: Revert "media: cedrus: Allow using the current dst buffer as reference"
This reverts commit cf20ae1535eb690a87c29b9cc7af51881384e967. The vb2_find_timestamp helper was modified to allow finding buffers regardless of their current state in the queue. This means that we no longer have to take particular care of references to the current capture buffer. Signed-off-by: Paul Kocialkowski <paul.kocialkowski@bootlin.com> Signed-off-by: Hans Verkuil <hverkuil-cisco@xs4all.nl> Signed-off-by: Mauro Carvalho Chehab <mchehab+samsung@kernel.org>
Diffstat (limited to 'drivers/staging/media/sunxi/cedrus/cedrus_dec.c')
1 files changed, 0 insertions, 13 deletions
diff --git a/drivers/staging/media/sunxi/cedrus/cedrus_dec.c b/drivers/staging/media/sunxi/cedrus/cedrus_dec.c
index 2c295286766c..443fb037e1cf 100644
--- a/drivers/staging/media/sunxi/cedrus/cedrus_dec.c
+++ b/drivers/staging/media/sunxi/cedrus/cedrus_dec.c
@@ -22,19 +22,6 @@
#include "cedrus_dec.h"
#include "cedrus_hw.h"
-int cedrus_reference_index_find(struct vb2_queue *queue,
- struct vb2_buffer *vb2_buf, u64 timestamp)
- /*
- * Allow using the current capture buffer as reference, which can occur
- * for field-coded pictures.
- */
- if (vb2_buf->timestamp == timestamp)
- return vb2_buf->index;
- else
- return vb2_find_timestamp(queue, timestamp, 0);
void cedrus_device_run(void *priv)
struct cedrus_ctx *ctx = priv;

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